Help! I've fallen! Again.. Fall Damage

I’ve heard many different opinions on fall damage. I’m curious to hear more about what others in the community think.

Is the current fall damage a great challenge and welcome?
Is the fall damage appreciated as a fun hurdle but needs to be less punishing?
Should it be removed completely and revert to 0 damage?
Should jumping just be disabled completely and no fall damage would be needed while characters take more ramp pathed routes?

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Fall damage is unfun at the moment. It should be based on % health or something and the death distance should be set a bit higher than what is now, I basically die from really small falls, you can die jumping on the hill down from the Skill reset to water town, that’s ridiculous!


We were doing some tests yesterday and had a lower level character jump from the same area as a higher level character and the higher level character took more damage, so we did assume it was % based. We also had someone jump from top of ice castle and he took 160% of his damage if I remember our stats correctly.
It definitely isn’t fun to finally get to the top of the tower, jump down a flight of stairs to get to a portal, and be sent back to Watertown o.o

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i don’t like fall damage, never have. sometimes i just accidently fall & die and it’s not cool. i’d like to see 0 fall damage as this game is fast paced and things can happen quick. apex legends has 0 fall damage & is fast paced & it’s awesome! i love the feeling of falling high off and taking no damage on it.


Agreed, first time I fell and died had me baffled for a minute. Some spots I had to jump down a cliff to continue the dungeon and took damage too. No fall damage would be great, kind of an out dated mechanic IMO.

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Honestly think fall damage can stay, but the off ramp to boss room in 1-20 dungeons has a bit of a fall and you take damage. I think the fall damage needs to be adjusted or redo the dungeons to allow players to fall without take damage, especially in a spot you cant avoid to access the boss room.

It really needs a rework. The current damage is to high, it needs to start at a higher height. It is more than a dark souls game has… you know what I mean.

I think they should have never added it. I get that they wanted to keep people from doing big exploits. The movement in this game is really fluid so having fall damage like this after weeks of none is a huge change. If they wanted to stop people from jumping the boss wall they could have added a rock to where people do it. Instead they added buggy fall damage which ruined ninja leap pants and you can even get downed from flying into a wall.

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Hi there!

I’ve been a game tester for around 15 years and i can totally tell you that, even if fall damage make the game a bit more “realistic” , it is by no means fun.

Related to this game:

→ If you want to keep the fall damage in the future, you’ll have to modify certain boss area and maps for them to be more “fall friendly”.

Explanation: cliff too high, fall damage unavoidable on many map → Huge loss of time with the slow regeneration → Big headshot to FUN

(It’s just my personal thinking and i heard no good from players i raided with on this new modification of the game)


yeah fall damage sucks

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The fall damage is absolutely not fun and I would vote to remove it and go back to jumping as far as we can. It was kind of fun to jump off a cliff and get no damage. Why make it more “realistic” as if killing giant bugs was realistic? Make it fun and remove the fall damage.

You should strengthen the monsters in the dungeon to make the game more difficult, not restrict the player from jumping
Especially in this poor server situation, there is no way to deliver to other areas, which sucks
Defeating monsters is easier than running around maps and dungeons

yes,me too, good job


Yes but before adding a gliding mechanic, you’ll have to think about the smoothness of the map/floor : a.k.a the Edges…

Let’s do 1 step at a time haha

PS: it seems like falls damages was reduced by around 50%… it’s way better, but can you add a “roll” feature? (Exemple: Breath of The Wild roll?)

If you’re running and jumping from a bit high, it makes your character stop, even if you don’t take any damage.


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I’ve noticed after the recent patch, the fall damage is way less punishing :slight_smile:

Much better balancing. This is far more inline with a fantasy game. :+1:

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I hate that fall damage kills you, there’s so much bug right now that it’s just annoying to get killed by fall damage, at least just make it so it doesn’t kill us

I have noticed fall damage has been reduced. I do not die now when I take a high jump to get somewhere. Thanks for listening to feedback and tweaking that.

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It’s much better now. You can still die but only if you jump from a very high distance.

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In fact there is a way to not die even if you fall from the sky

I’ll let you find out as it is a bug i’ll only report when i see enough fix on more important things, which is not the case yet

Have fun!