Higher Level Dungeon Portals

Recent patch notes said higher level portals will be added to the game, this is essential for high level players to continue progressing through the content. However, portals still appear to be capped at 52 and I don’t see this addressed in the hotfix. Can we expect higher portals and better gear to be added soon?

Additionally, the number of portals per zone, especially in Icy seem to have decreased as well. These were already infrequent. Much of our time is spent running around and serving hopping to find level appropriate dungeons. This isn’t fun. Please add more portals to each zone since there isn’t anything to do in the open world.


Can we have a time line as people are approaching leveling past level 52 dungeons…

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We’ll be adding higher level portals for sure. In the mean time you might consider grabbing a new pocket watch and playing in lower level dungeons.

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Thank you. While I wish I knew this 2 weeks ago, this guidance is very helpful and appreciated.