Higher Stat Rolls on Higher Rarity Items (Strength, Intelligence, etc.)

Note: I have come to understand the stat rolls are too high on low level items. This is what is making us too strong too fast. Please see my last comment on this thread for an update on this.

Problem you’re trying to solve
Lower Rarity Items are hard to replace with Higher Rarity items. This is because we can get the same high stat rolls for low rarity stuff as we can the high rarity stuff. For example, I can easily find an Uncommon with 50+ Strength/Vitality on it for my Time Warrior. This is because there are lots of uncommon/rare/epic that drop, so I have a high chance of finding high stat rolls for exactly what I need from the lower rarity stuff. This makes it too easy to get strong really fast and takes away from the value of the higher rarity drops.

How you currently feel about this in-game and how you think you should feel
I don’t want my Uncommon/Rare/Epics to have higher stat rolls than my Legendary/Mythic/Exotic/Transcendent. I don’t want uncommons to be able to have 50+ stats on them. I want those high stat roll items to be reserved for the higher rarity items. I feel like I can easily max the stats I want with Uncommons and Rare items because they drop so much, I can find the high rolls for the stats I need pretty fast. I prefer to have to work for it, and want to value those high rarity drops when I see them.

Any ideas you have on how things could be improved, fixed, or add more fun to the experience
I think rarity should effect the max roll of the stats on the items.

This adds excitement to finding higher rarity gear knowing it can have a higher stat roll compared to the lower rarity stuff.


interesting concept, i like the higher tier rarity having higher caps, might be a nice change

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I have come to understand the real issue is the stats we are getting on low level items is too high. This is what is making us too strong too fast.

I will post a new thread about this later (after the rank requirements patch) but the general idea is that stats should be capped based on item level. For example (just an example not intended to represent what it should be):

Item Level 1-10: Max Stat Roll of 10
Item Level 11-20: Max Stat Roll of 15
Item Level 21-30: Max Stat Roll of 20
Item Level 31-40: Max Stat Roll of 25
Item Level 41-50: Max Stat Roll of 30
Item Level 51-55: Max Stat Roll of 35
Item Level 56-60: Max Stat Roll of 40
Item Level 61-65: Max Stat Roll of 45
Item Level 66-70: Max Stat Roll of 50

I gave that example for simplicity but it shouldn’t be ranges, max roll of stats should be directly tied to the level of the item. Higher the level of the item, the higher the max roll it can have. Higher the rarity, the higher chance of the upper rolls or an increased cap for higher rarities within reason.

I will put a pin in this until we see how the rank requirements on items effect things, but I am certain this will still be a problem because there are Tier 4 level 36 items for example that give 40+ to intelligence. This makes players scale much faster in power compared to enemies we are fighting and that’s why things get so easy so fast when we hit level 20 or so and start getting these crazy stat items.

I used to think skills scaled with player level, but apparently that has no effect on the skill, they get stronger with stats like intelligence, so that’s why these stat items boost our power so much even if we are low level.

I agree adding my support and improvement suggestion in feedback format.

Problem you are trying to solve:
Common items should not have better stats or more stats than a higher-level item, especially if it is a higher Rarity item.

How you currently feel about this In-game:
When I get excited seeing a drop with higher rarity color, it is quite a disappointment to find reduced stats on it compared to my lower-level Common item I’ve been wearing for the last 3 levels already. This should never happen.

Any ideas you have on how things could be improved, fixed, or add more fun to the experience:
1, Limit the higher RND range of stats based on item level within each tier,
2, Limit the number of different stats based on Rarity level.
3. Increase the stat bonus slightly based on item rarity so it is always a bit better than a common or lower rarity item.

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