How to exchange/remove bag on a pocketwatch

I am quite clueless about how to remove a small pouch from my pocketwatch and exchange it for another one.

For now, you will have to drop the bag you don’t want and pick up the one you want. So far you can have 2 bags per pocket watch.

How do I drop the bag? I tried everything. Thanks for the answer:)

To drop a bag, you need to empty it first by either moving the items in said bag into slots from other bags in your inventory, or by dropping them on the ground temporarily, then you will be able to drop the bag(s) from your bag slot(s)

To save headache on picking up high-end bags, ensure you alt-inspect them to verify you meet the skill requirements to carry it first.

How can I drop an item?
The only option I get is to mark it as trash and destroy it.
I have the DropWithoutConfirmation option enabled on left ctrl and when I press it and try to do anything with right or left mouse nothing happens. I also don’t have the destroy option on the bag. Is this a bug?

Okay I did it. In case anyone is wondering:
You need to drag an item anywhere on the inventory screen while pressing left ctrl or whatever you put in your settings and then let go, it will drop the item.

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