How to make dungeons more fun

Hello, my friends and I, we are hoping for more and better objectives in dungeons. Make us want to explore every inch. People love finding things in games! Give us incentives to find hidden and secret parts of dungeons that will give us a chance for better items. It’s funny, but my friends and I don’t care too much for nfts, dont get me wrong nfts are great! Its just items can make you feel OP. Give us reasons to immerse ourselves into the game more… also let us climb soon please! We need to be able to climb things and even swim… underwater dungeons would be amazing.

Basically, we dont want the theme of a dungeon to be: send a quantum fixer to round up all enemies while shadow blades do objectives, and once objectives are complete, the quantum fixer teleports whole team to the end of the dungeon so the entire team can wipe out every enemy in 2 minutes.

Battling is great, but add more dimention to it please. We need elements of mystery… like, secret rooms with puzzles and surprise bosses that have a chance to drop legendary to exalted items… we need immersive gameplay with teamwork like, to get past a certain part of the dungeon one member of the team has to stand on a mechanism that will activate a bridge that will spawn so the team can cross to the other side, while a gauntlet of specialized enemies try and push players off the bridge, and once the team crosses, the player who activated the bridge in the first place has to get accross a different bridge that the team has to activate and hold so the last member can cross to the other side… and obviosly party teleport will be disabled in this section of the dungeon.

You could even make little enemy strong holds in each dungeon where we have to evade, then take over towers with turrets… you guys are from amazing video games, make it the best one yet!

I know this team can do it!!!


Me and @TwentyTw0, We’re talking about this exact subject earlier today there is so much opportunity for more depth to the dungeons. Now keep in mind the dungeons are in there earliest state and will be Improved on / more content soon enough it is a alpha after all. But with that said your idea’s are amazing climbing and swimming would be amazing to see in this game eventually I personally hope to see fishing added in eventually haha but back to dungeons an underwater dungeon would be an amazing idea but if swimming is not already a planned system I think that would be down the line in the future.

This is something that I think would be really easily Implemented and would have a huge Impact on the game play of a dungeon it would like you said cause people to work together and the pressure plate could be surrounded by tons of enemies and waves of enemies coming in from somewhere out of sight attacking so you need someone to defend the guy on the pressure plate this would be an amazing little interaction in the dungeon. Ide also like to see maybe pit fall traps on the grassy map, Dead trees falling instantly killing you if you don’t avoid it on time on the desert map , Falling icy spikes from the roof on icy map, crumbling walls on the icy map to reveal a secrete area that has tons of pots and like 3 chests and there is always a Mini boss spawn in there or elite spawn. This are just some things I think would really Improve on the depth of the dungeons and if you have any more please lets keep this Thread going with good Idea’s about how to Improve the objectives or the depth to the dungeons. @Blazo @TwentyTw0

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I couldn’t agree with this more. I have been thinking the same thing.

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Adding Rare Bosses to the end of Dungeons would make them super fun. This could be done without adding anything new.

  • Rare Boss Spawns after Dungeon is Cleared 10-20% of the time.
  • After killing the last mob, instead of saying Mission Completed, it would say “King Tank Bug has Spawned!”
  • Boss would spawn in front of the dungeon portal going out, or simply in the spot the last mob was killed.
  • Boss would be a big version of the featured mob in the dungeon (Giant Tank Bug, Clockie, Dinosaur etc.)
  • Boss would have a special name, like “King Tank Bug” for example.
  • Boss would be alone so we can get the experience of fighting a single target battle. (fighting lots of mobs at once is fun, but we have that, we need a hard solo fight)
  • Boss would have more HP, hit harder, and possibly have a unique mechanic that would add a level of skill to defeating him.
  • If the Boss can not path to the players in the dungeon, he would “Summon” everyone in front of him. This way there is no “path bugging” the boss to make him an easy kill.
  • When defeated, the boss would drop at least 1 Rare Item and have a higher chance to drop the higher rarity items. Boss would drop loot in the form of a chest, like the other chests that are found in the world and dungeons, so the loot comes flying out of the chest when opened.
  • After defeating the boss, it would say “Mission Complete” as normal and you have the time to collect your loot.

Running dungeons for NFT’s is cool, but with low drop rates on NFTs now, we will need something else to “hunt” and give us excitement. The excitement from seeing that a “King Tank Bug has spawned!” after clearing a dungeon every 5-10 times would be super fun and addicting.

Upgrading items will be the main source of replay value for the game with the lower NFT drops so this would be perfect for that. Imagine a Legendary item flying out of the Chest that drops from the Rare Boss. Could also add loot than can ONLY be found from rare bosses. I would run dungeons non stop hunting loot from Rare Bosses!



Exactly. Would very much enjoy environmental hazards, platforming elements, or more creative missions that don’t use the Quest indicator on the compass.