I am bitter regarding drop rates

Problem you’re trying to solve
The current looting system is not implemented properly

How you currently feel about this in-game and how you think you should feel
I feel really bitter about all those amazing drops that everyone is recently getting (gg to all of you, you guys deserve it). Following a recent AMA here there seem to be a set amount of NFT that can drop for a period of time (probably more complicated than that, but this is a summary), so the first one arrived, the first one served… less NFT available in that period of time means less chance for the players, how is that proper RNG? Everyone should have the same chance of dropping nfts at any time.
Devs, don’t you see your system does not work? How can you not improve your system while people are farming epic and legendary NFTs all day long? Not farming NFTs, farming epics and legendaries…
As a silver who got lucky during that period, I obtained 2 rare, 1 legendary, 0 epics. I was fine with those number. However, today I can affirm you that your system is not working and I am thinking of getting rid of everything I own in BT (what’s the point? epics worth nothing anymore haha).
Playing gods on wether someone / a group of people can loot based on when they play is not correct and you will fail for that.

Any ideas you have on how things could be improved, fixed, or add more fun to the experience
Update your looting system to the following way:

  1. calculate how many RNG rolls are happening per day
  2. estimate how long do you want a certain NFT to take before being all looted
  3. do => (step 1 * step 2) => you get how many roll it will take approximately to empty a certain pool
  4. define drop chance based on the mob
  5. tada… a real RNG where Bigtime is not playing god

How can you handover Legendary and Epic NFTs as if they were greens…

Sincerely and respectfully (but angrily :slight_smile:)

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