Hello Guys,
Yesterday I was doing dungeons with my friends.
Suddenly I lost my all pockets, all items, all gears after dungeon. It happened in 1 second.
I wanted help from Discord and from support team. I sent an e-mail.
But guys! Look what they said:
Now I m asking:
1-I am Silver EAL player, I lost my all in a second. I will begin 0 level?
2- How will you assure us that this will not happen again when begin game for everyone?
3- I’m losing my time, I could get more NFT until this time, How will you compensate me for my loss?
4-EAL pass time end? If its no, why you reset my account?
5- I had mythic pocket (51 chronomancer) and exalted pocket(shadowblade) , I had very good items (int+cooldown), I had very good gears ( Time Sub, Blizard, Ice, Cold Adv. ) .
I have nothing now. What will I do ?
6-Why CS, team or anyone dont help me about this problem?
Note: I was waiting this game for very long time. I love this game so much.
I don’t want create a FUD wave. I just want justice!
Best Regards!

if they are able to recover the data, by you giving them the exact time of the a incident. then they are maybe able to give you a new pocket watch on same level, but all your items are lost for good.

I also lost a lvl 44 with all legendary and mythic items halfway into gold, and there was no help for me :slight_smile: so i hope you get more lucky.

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I had to start all over, new pocket watch, find new gears etc :slight_smile: so id suggest you get starting right away, coz it can take them days and weeks to research if they are able to restore the data, but as i said, it will only give you a new pocket watch, not all the gear you lost, its all gone for good.

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Did you experience the same situation? I am so sorry if you experience the same.
I can begin 0 level again.
2- How will you assure us that this will not happen again when begin game for everyone?

theres no insurrance unfortunately, it has happened to soooo many ppl, and still happens every single day. We are in an early access game, and they dont seem to know how to fix this issue yet. :frowning:


i feel u. but after 1 response i get from the mail. nothing else i receive.

so i take it as this is not in the top priority.

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If you need help with leveling and such, feel free to hit me up guys… Feels like the end of the world but I’m here for you guys we’ll get that back quick

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They will compensate you with 3 ruby passes, that’s it.

But I already have Silver pass card :slight_smile: what will I do with rubby? This is so funny.

They did mention that it’s for your friends. I don’t think they care about the actual compensation or whatever the hell you’re feeling. They’re the ones who messed up and we don’t get anything and they will simply say sorry, 3x ruby pass only. You could even ask them to simply give u a bag with a similar stat with the one u just lost, like a bag with +68 mov speed. They can’t replicate something as simple as that.

I highly doubt that they even read anything here in the forums as there’s no response from the actual devs.

they did not mention this at all in the email replies to me.(i dont need it,just wondering why the response varies)

One of my teammates experienced exactly the same reset last night, out of a dungeon, everything were wiped. He spent all his time averaging 8+ hours daily since Silver EAL started, built a time warrior class almost lv50 and another around lv30 with high rarity equipments, very powerful class, now he was left with a level 0 beginner timeline.

It was made clear by the team prior to EALs, and it was accepted by participants that all game progress data will be reset before public release, However it should NOT be a randomly occurring event during EAL. This significantly damages gameplay experience. It MUST be rectified by the dev team as a critical issue.

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Today I went into the game and it turned out there are no things there are no pocket watches lvl 16 (in a word, I lost everything)

the problem is their server I only lost 3/4 of my equipment the rest is blocked on another server
it happened to me on had foxtrot and it is no longer available before the bug on some servers I had nothing and on foxtrot I had all of them
4 day ticket still not open
either you solve the problem or everyone starts from scratch
if nothing is done i will feel robbed