IDEA: Casual competitions

We’re hungry on getting new content into the game, this isn’t a secret. We see many patches/updates to fix many issues and that’s amazing but something extra would give us something more to do in Big Time. The problem is that adding new content is a “big time” consuming task for devs (yeah, I wanted to repeat this joke :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:).

What about start the first competitions in Big Time? In order to don’t give extra work to devs, the competitions could be organized outside of the game with simple tasks like:

  • Completing dungeons. With same dungeon conditions like level, type of dungeon, number of players, etc, complete the dungeon in the shortest time as possible
  • Kill all the Big Bosses. Instead of completing the dungeon, the goal could be something easier like just find all of the big bosses as MegaClockies and Tank Bugs, and kill them all quickly. The boss room could be excluded (or not).
  • Find X items. You and your team need to collect X item, X times in the shortest time as possible. The great thing about this goal is that could perfectly be in different levels and types of dungeons, because the in-game loot drop is random.

I shared some ideas that don’t need any kind of implementation from devs. If you have any idea for a casual competition, feel free to share it here! :grin:

I will update the main post with your ideas, so the Big Time team can read them all easily :+1:

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