Ideas for the game

Things in my mind:
Idea 1. A storage or locker so u can store your valuable items .

IDEA 2. Tier 1 items (pocketwatch, weapon, items,armors) can be upgraded to tier 2 to tier 3 to max tier 7 and from common to exalted With a chance of breaking the items.( Coins and ores use to upgrade the items.)

IDEA 3. In-game TRADING (with gas fees . USDC or Coins) aside from nft Valuable items like weapon , armors, pocketwatch and gears can be traded in-game .

IDEA 4. USDC BALANCE may reflect in-game. (For buying and trading items and Nft cosmetics)

IDEA 5. In-game audio for party only.

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Storage has to be approached carefully, this is one of the few things that can be added that is not pay to win that could be unlocked in space, with the token, or in an optional monthly subscription to support the development of the game. Same goes for mounts and other convenience type upgrades. If the token does not get enough demand from cosmetics because it’s limited to people with space/forge/armory then this stuff will be needed to get demand from all players.

Other ideas are great, thanks for the feedback.

Multiple ideas do not get you around needing to follow the format. If you want your feedback considered, please follow the rules.;

I don’t like the idea with chance of breaking item for potential modifications.
(because it’s takes perfect items and turns them into garbage would make getting perfect or near-perfect items not as enjoyable and possibly give more value to trash items; like polishing a turd)