Identify Cosmetic Weapon Skins by Rarity

This has been discussed before in older posts, but I want to try and brainstorm ways Big Time could make Cosmetic Weapon Skins identifiable by rarity so that we instantly know someone is using an Epic Weapon skin over an Uncommon skin.

I think it’s important to have a universal indicator on Weapon Skins so other players can instantly Identify the rarity of them. Otherwise, people would be happy with an Uncommon Skin that looks cool and just as good if not better than an Epic Skin and that’s not good for the skin economy. We want maximum flex with the higher rarity skins and there is only so many particle effects they can keep adding to the higher rarities.

My idea is to use a universal color coded glow/aura that goes around the Weapon depending on the rarity. Light green for uncommon, Blue for Rare, Bright Purple for Epic, etc. with the glow/aura getting brighter as the rarity goes up.

This is the only thing I can think of… Does anyone else have an idea on how Big Time could do this?



Good idea <3 loving it. Let’s bump this


the most classic solution:
all uncommon weapons and skins :the main design colors—green
all rare weapons and skins : the main design colors—blue
all epic weapons and skins : the main design colors—purple
all lengendary weapons and skins : the main design colors—orange


Agree with the ideas, but color coding feels constricted. Color preference may play a big part. The implementation I’ve been most exposed to in other MMORPGs is that lower tier stuff gets no effects, auras, or trailing particles. Epic should be the lowest tier with starter levels of effects in my opinion.

These things should come slowly with tier increases and at the highest tiers, maybe add custom animations/emotes to not have a saturated rainbow coming out of a weapon. Maybe even badges next to people’s names at exalted or at least in their inspect window once that is a thing. Heck, unlockable pets from mythic/exalted skins.

Maybe all my ideas are trash, but I also don’t hold the current implementation in high regards to say the least.

Whatever the implementation is though. The vast majority of players must know what’s clout without thinking about it.

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I spent all day thinking of a solution to this and I think I got it!

What about “glowing orbs” of the rarity color that circle the hilt of the weapons to identify rarity? That way the colors of the rest of the weapon can stay the same, but everyone can instantly identify the rarity of the weapon people are using.

I will make a mock up graphic of this and post it to this forum thread soon!


That is a good idea actually

Could be something like this… This was not exactly what I had in mind, but something like this would work perfectly to identify weapon cosmetic skins by rarity…



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Totally agreed with it. If not aura, or should change the styles of the weapons. Otherwise we couldn’t know who owns the higher rarity weapons. It’s quite sad that all the people r so satisfied with their uncommons and even cannot tell the difference.

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