IGP - ( Improvements to Gameplay Proposals )

Hey guys had a few ideas and thought I would run them by you.

IGP - 01

You have VENDER / DECRYPT BOTS etc… How about a SKILL BOT? Eg: certain skills can only be purchased with skills bots. 1. You would pay in Gold for the SKILL MANUAL / TOME and only master it and be able to use it once you kill a certain number and types of enemies in a certain way? For example : 100 bugs normal kill, 10 robots with special kill etc…



  1. Instant kill (success rate depends on mastery level)

  2. Time freeze or paralyze ( freeze enemies in time)

  3. Learn Decrypting items as a kills rather than pay for bots to do it

  4. Life drain ( drain life from enemies )

  5. Teleport ( I know we have player and town portal but say you wish to travel to frozen lands or wastelands, running there is no fun )

  6. Firewave

  7. Summon twin

More skills to be voted in via ( IGP+ number) structure by community members

IGP -03

How about GEMS like in Diablo? Eg: have slots in items especially timepieces

GEMS would come in several sizes and can be combined to increase their potency affect.

GEMS would adhere to the SPACE structure, eg Epic, Legendary, Exhalted etc….


IGP- 04

Are you familiar with LIMIT BREAKS in final fantasy?

Where each player has a mega ultimate move they can use once in a while that deals mega damage? Perhaps each class can have one of those?

To be able to execute such a skill, the player would have to be near death, a full bar of ADRENALINE that would accumulate with each enemy killed

!!!PLS adhere to IGP + NUMBER sequence for your feedback and proposals for CLARITY purposes. Thank you




A nice little touch would be to introduce STAT POTIONS or even SKILL POTIONS.
Drink a potion to acquire a extra STAT or SKILL point.
These potions could be manufactured by blending in game MISC LOOT that can be acquired during gameplay.
eg: a Potion could require:

  1. Scarab Claw
  2. T-Rex Fang
  3. Fauna DNA

These could be turned into a potion by a ALCHEMY BOT.

This IGP also feeds into IGP-01 & IGP-02( ALCHEMY SKILL ) could be a skill that a character can learn

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Default character skills are a little dull. More OFFENSIVE skills would really spice up the battles. Here are a few unique skills that would add VARIETY to battle

IGP -06 Warrior Offensive Skills upgrades :

  1. Seismis strike /Shokwave
    Warrior hits the ground sidewards causing a ripple effect to go out over a distance expanding in a triangular shape hitting multiple enemies.
    Level 1 . Short distance and 1 wave only
    Level 2. Further distance with 2 waves
    Level 3. Even further 3 waves
    Level 4. Even further 4 waves
    Level 5 furthest with 5 waves

IGP -07
2. Sonic strike
Description: A target radius is selected by the player.
Warrior jumps high in the air and comes striking down super fast causing a circular shockwave dealing damage to all enemies within.
Level 1 to 10 upgrades of this skills wound expand the damage radius as well as total damage dealt.

IGP -08
3. Titan
Character would double in size for a short period of time which would have the following effects:
Level 1 : double innsize also causing for all character stats to double including HP and MP
Level 2: triple in size and stats
Level 3 qudriple in size and stats

IGP -09
4. Midas touch.
Once skill as activated, all enemies killed by the warrior will be turned to a s generous stack of gold.


IGP -10

  1. Necro
    Description: ( Raise the enemies you have slain as zombies and get them to fight on your side )
    Level 1: raise small enemies only
    Level 2: raise medium enemies
    Level 3: raise any size enemies including T-Rex

IGP -11

  1. Crystosis
    Description: ( hits the groun causing sharp crystal no rise from the ground over a distance expanding in a triangular shape hitting multiple enemies.

IGP -12
Boss Battle :
To incentivise “grinding” (leveling up) and cohesion and team work. As well as to introduce more of a variety to the game I propose BOSS BATTLE dungeons!
This is where a team of 6 would compete against 1 incredible enemy ( 100k HP + ) . We are talking a strategic 1 hour + battle in a challenging environment eg: ( a maze ).
Those who manage to complete these battles will be recorded in the “Hall of Fame” with their stats ( total time, player names, etc…)
Players would also be rewarded with exquisite treasure.


  1. Techotaur ( Minotaur Cyborg ) in Labirinth
  2. Queen Mantis in Hive

IGP -12
5. Add capes

IGP -13
6. Add armour sets
Description: Matching armour eg, gloves, helm, etc… would grant abilities and better stats

IGP -14
7. New weapon idea for Warrior and maybe other. ETHER-RIFLE-BLADE or a ETHER-BOW
Description :
Left click would shoot a plasma laser whereas right click would deal damage at close combat with a blade

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Cyborg Mantis Queen for Boss Battles

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Cyborg Minotaur (Techataur ) for Boss Battles

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Mega Hive Guardian Boss

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Techosaurus - Rex for Boss Battles

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Hey MoonMafia!
Thank you for taking the time to write this post!
I will be going over your ideas and pass them on to the team :slight_smile:
Also sorry for the late response!

Hiya, thanks for the detailed post! Wanted to spend some time and comment on a lot of these great suggestions to let you know what’s planned.

This is a fun idea. I’ve added this to our jira queue to discuss. Thanks for the idea! :slight_smile:

I think you’ll be very pleased with what we have coming in 0.24 :wink:

Yeah limit breaks in FF are cool! We also have some similar stuff cooking related to weapon gem slotting I hinted at above. Perhaps there are multiple flavors of this… fun idea!

Agreed! we already working on these for a future release.

We will be adding more and more abilities to the game for the foreseeable future. We cram as many as we have time for in each release, but I hear you. we need more!

Have you checked out the new boss battles that went into 0.23? Curious to know your thoughts on what we put in.

stay tuned!

there will likely be two flavors of this (for NFTs vs not) but we’re working on this for a future release

We will be doing new seasons in the future which have entirely new weapon styles (and time periods). Lots of fun there !



In previous versions when you use to brake urns, especially around trees of life’s where there were stacks of them. You used to get loads of loot, gold, potions, etc…

Now you break countless urns and barely get anything.
Pretty annoying and kills my dopamine receptors :smiley:

Can you pls increase the rate of loot from breaking urns?)


CJ | M.M. Labs:

A;) In previous versions when you use to brake urns, especially around trees of life’s where there were stacks of them. You used to get loads of loot, gold, potions, etc…

Now you break countless urns and barely get anything.
Pretty annoying and kills my dopamine receptors :smiley:

Can you pls increase the rate of loot from breaking urns?)

Finding TRAINERS all over the land creates friction.

Perhaps having TRAINER VENDROIDS to learn skillsets is a better idea?

IGP - 15


TEAM vs TEAM Battles

It would be great to have an ARENA where PvsP and TvsT could compete for rewards.

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Can we plz fix this clustering of bots together?
Makes it inconvenient to interact


New skill trees + trainers + their random locations is a mess.

  1. Ads a lot of friction
  2. The layout is far too messy
  3. There is no consistancy
  4. Is restrictive in character development.
  5. Does not incentivize to grind.
  6. Is confusing.
  7. Skills are geared more towards quantity rather than quality.

I will post a screenshot along with a suggested layout diagram for the skilltrees.:bar_chart:

I think the KISS principle ( Keep It Simple Stupid )
Should apply here.

After the oatch the overall game looks a lot more polished and refined. Props for that.

Skilltrees need a clear and concise path. ( I will provide a diagram ):white_check_mark:

Most frustrating is having trainers place at random God knows where! :roll_eyes:

Having TRAINER VENDROIDS is way more preferential in a central location to limit friction!

As suggested from earlier posts.


SKILL: Meteor strike:

10000 gold
10000 xp
5 TREX Kills
100 Scarab kills
3 Trees of Life

This would incentivize farming/grinding and would be a lot clearer and more concise.

Now I am stuck with skill points I cant spend cuz fuck knows where the trainer is :sweat_smile:

Current Skill tree
IGP -16


IGP -16

Above is a proposed SKILL TREE. Just a blueprint to build upon.
More Direct
More exciting offensive skills that from a pleyers perpective I would want to famr/develop.

COMBOS are a mix of skills from 2 or even 3 elements.
To use a COMBO:
Both spells need to be acquired by the player.
Both Spells need to have been used a set amount of times eg : 100 to master them
Upon qualifying this criteria, this skill could be purchased froma VENDROID trainer.

IGP 17.

Replace countless TRAINERS in random locations with static TRAINER VENDROIDS