Immediate Hotfix Needed: Portal Griefing + Server Splitting

As if finding a party wasn’t hard enough right now, the game is currently nearly impossible to play between the portal griefing and server splitting. Once we do finally get a full group, half of us keep getting split into a separate sever. Relogging and switching to other servers isn’t helping anymore, the issue is getting worse. Once we do finally manage to get a full group, all of the dungeon portals, and passage ways between towns are blocked by those return to water town portals, making it impossible to pass through.

An immediate hotifx is needed for this two issues. This is extremely frustrating.


Thank you for pointing this out. This definitely has been taken note of and has been raised to the devs.

  • Nero | Big Time

Please fix it quick. it’s affecting our runs dramatically.

We spend on average 30-45mins just to ensure everyone can safely enter a dungeon.
This is really not fun, immense time is wasted.