Improve questing system to scale appropriately

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Some quests back to back are set up for failure.

Improve the questing system to scale. Sometimes quests are set for you to fail. There are quests that have a timer that requires you to kill a certain amount of mobs. Then you get another quest like gathering storm that allows you to kill mobs at a certain spot. The first quest makes it impossible to complete the other quests since most mobs have been killed.

If you can when quests like this come up back to back. Allow additional mobs to refresh as the timer goes down so that we are able to complete these quests.



This issue is currently being addressed. Please use the provided feedback template next time. Thank you!


I agree. The data point quest as the 2nd quest usually makes us fail bc we already kill all the mobs in the dungeon and there are still around 50 points left. We have to kill the fauna but thats not even enough. And your points are also true,needs to be fixed or improved.