In-game Announcements and Surveys

I think everyone has seen the chaos that ensued after the hotfix and how many weren’t even aware of the upcoming changes.
This just proves that relying on only discord and live streams for communicating game updates is very ineffective.
Not everyone uses discord and not everyone can/likes to watch streams, but everyone logs into the game to play. This is why I believe important matters related to the game updates should also be announced in-game. It can be thru the launcher or in the lobby.

I also like to suggest implementing in-game surveys.
These surveys can be done in a way that players can’t skip the survey.
You can’t play the game until you complete the survey.
This gives the team a reliable/quantifiable/scientific source of feedback from the player base that can they can use as reference.


I agree with this, one thing to add that is commonly implemented in other games is compensating players for their time in completing the survey like giving them 50k gold or speed and Summon potions or both this ways players are motivated to complete they survey.