In game chat bug

What bug: when i press ‘enter’ to type in chat, after i am finished typing and press ‘enter’ to send, my character would many times get stuck, unable to move.

The bug would make it so that pressing ‘esc’ to get to the main menu to log out impossible as well.

Basically all menu’s would be disabled, forcing me to have to ‘ctr alt dlt’ to bring up task manager so i could end task. I would then have to start up the game twice to be able to successfully log in.

Dates happened: every day for the past 4 to 5 days. It may be longer actually as i have gotten used to this bug forcing me to quit in game so frequently.

Where: in and out of dungeons, but mostly in dungeons.

Frequency: within the three hour sessions i would play everyday, this bug would happen 4 to 6 times, somedays 7 to 9 within a three hour session.

Which server: i would hop from na west, to na east, to eu, to ap east and west. The chat bug happened in whatever server and subserver i was in.

Others who noticed the bug: every person in my party, which changed frequently, experienced this chat bug as well. It seems that it is getting so bad my friends and i are scared to type in the in game chat to communicate with each other for fear of getting stuck mid dungeon, forcing us to force log out and miss out on nft possibilities with the party.

Please fix.

Thank you.

Usually only happens right efter you enter an dungeon. Dont use the party chat the first few minutes of the dungeon, and most times you should be fine. It still can happen later also though, but nothing near as often, as when you just entered the dungeon :slight_smile:

This is definitely annoying and here is a topic related to the same bug, critical enough to attract dev’s attention