In game chat is pretty buggy

in game chat is pretty buggy right now. would be cool if bigtime can make chat bubbles when in party.

overall a pretty fun game, mechanics are somewhat like new world with a bit of an elden ring vibe to it.

keep it up Big Time!

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The chat… Oh the chat,
Especially if you’re looking for a party inside of the game.
There’s a little latency from when you send the message and when it pops up + sometimes it won’t register that so you actually kind of wrote nothing (or everyone can see it, it’s just only you can’t see that).
In terms of esthetics
I would happy to see the chat in the bottom-middle instead of bottom-right or indeed have the option to maybe choose location + choosing things like colors & transparency can be super awesome because I find the party chat being green not that great because you have areas where it blends with the world, same like zone chat in the icy area(because it’s white).

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The in game chat also does not yet support Traditional Chinese characters (Big-5 / UTF-8). That’s bad for future localization and promoting it on the global market, since players with non-English background will have trouble communicating.


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