Incorrect solutions offered by Discord Mods for Bug: Server Forced Disconnect

Yesterday I was in game half hour ago, all of sudden I got this error saying “Server Forced Disconnect, Broker Failed to confirm join. (please login again)”. No matter which server I select i get this error again and again.\

I restarted my pc, no luck. It’s been like this for 30 minutes. What to do now?

After a few hours I was able to successfully get into the game. By reading the error message I suspect that it was server related rather than gamer’s pc.

Please advise your mods on discord the type of errors and corresponding solutions. They have been blindly asking gamers to restart pc, repair client, and reinstall etc. In this case the only solution is Wait for server to correct itself.

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Thank you for your quick response, keep up the hard work, thank you for building such a good game!

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May I ask how did you fix this problem. Cause my friends have the same issue

it’s a server side issue, there is nothing we can do but keep trying after a few minutes or couple of hours