Inspecting other players🙌

This is more of a quality of life suggestion.

I would like to see a way to inspect my fellow adventures and see what loot (NFT’s) or builds they are running. This is a much need feature due to the cosmetics gear are NFT thing and to show boat what NFT’s you have on.


Definitely something we want to do. It’s on our roadmap :wink:


This is a MUST HAVE! :yum:

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I personnaly would like the ability to choose whatever you want to show or not as it seems the game permits very specific build and sometimes you don’t want to show to everyone your hard worked on build


Would be cool feature !

Yeah we’d need to make it an option I think. So you could prevent people inspecting if you choose.

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This is a definite feature that needs to be added amazing suggestion !

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Completely disagree with this suggestion