Interface freeze when chatting

Man this is starting to annoy me, its like impossible to play this game if youre not able to communicate with randoms, and each time you use the chat, the interface freze and you have to restart your game. Missing out on the dungeon 9 out of 10 times.

This should have been fixed long time ago, as it really destroys the joy of the game.


I thought this was something to do with my computer when it first happen to me. It seems to be linked to using the Party Chat. I am afraid to chat in Dungeons for fear of this happening and missing the dungeon.

Was this always happening or did it only start happening after the last patch?


I have experienced the same issue.
It seems to happen more when you press enter to open chat and shortly after press N. It might be possible that the notification window and the chat window interfere with one another?
Either way when it happens the screen does not respond anymore when i move my mouse. You can see the cursor move instead of the reticle, the only thing that seems to keep working is the chat window and the notification window.

I experienced this issue when I start a dungeon. If I immediately start chatting after entering the dungeon, then I’m not able to move and do anything.

The only possible solution that I found is return to the Lobby and click Play again. If you’re lucky and the Time Tear didn’t disappear, you will be able to join the dungeon and keep playing :slight_smile:

I just reported the same error here is my post Bug report - critical! : unable to move after chat window closed It definitely requires immediate attention!

lucky you, in my case my entire keyboard is frozen, Esc doesn’t work, i can’t even have option to return to lobby, my only option is Alt+F4 :face_with_spiral_eyes:

Ohhh… Then wait, maybe it’s a different issue! :scream:

I mean, many people reported an issue similar to mine. You enter the Dungeon, start chatting, your character doesn’t move but you can still press keys like Esc and the GUI reacts and show you the Menu.

If you aren’t able to see the Menu by pressing Esc, I would consider it as a new issue imo :thinking:

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I can confirm that.
I wasn’t able to ESC neither.
Had to ctl + alt + sup and end the game task

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Happened to me today… If you want to see my reaction… The behaviour was like it was described above, just start writing after entering the dungeon and you’re done.

Something new that I didn’t know is that if you die and suicide (G), once you’re revived with the Shrine, you can move again. Wow! Thx @Turbocharlie for the tip! :wink:

Starts at [24:46]

Link here