Inventory bank slots, could be bought from gold or so

I hope we will get this feature in the near future, as how it is now, you are using SOOOO much time on doing inventory, and move items from 1 bag to another characters bag, so you have room to loot items.

WOuld be so awesome if watertown had a bank in the middle right next to the buystations, where you can buy or rent bankslots to store your items. I think this would be a huge quality update for most people :slight_smile:

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I personally hope they reserve the best upgrades for the Big Time Token. Adding storage space is a perfect thing to give the token value. Ideally the Storage is in your Space which gives that value. Maybe they have the first upgrade for gold (lots of gold) and then the additional ones using the Token. My biggest fear is the token won’t be used in enough things throughout the game because a small group of people calling anything and everything cool “pay to win” which it is not.

With that said, I don’t think we are close to the point of talking about the token, so I will reserve myself until that time comes, and I am sure everyone will have lot’s of great feedback for that when we get there!



That’s a great idea. The upgrades should be a bit expensive in my opinion.(like first one being 5k gold,the second 8k etc). And the item bank would be a really gooooood addition.

That would be kinda p2w though

gold has absolute nothing to do with pay2win as long as you can only farm gold, and not buy it.

i dont get why ppl need to use the word p2w every single day, without clearly having any idea what it really means ;D

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Agreed. this should be something so expensive, that ppl need to put in alot of hours, grinding the gold required to buy bankslots for storage, im way higher than what you suggest, like 10k for 1st slot, 50k for 2nd, 250k for 3rd or so :slight_smile:

He said though that u needed the big time token to be able to buy storage and that would be pay2win because only if u have space and timewarden u can collect the token and that would make it p2w

That’s not very expensive. I think it should take much longer to get, we need to understand the value of storage, and 10K is nothing. Either way, good ideas, I am sure the team is all over this one.

I was thinking a 1 socket NFT for Space to enable a vault then allow it to be upgraded with token. There is very little opportunity to do stuff like this so it can’t be squandered.


yea agree. it would be rewarding for grinders.

that would be great for space owners and be not very pay to win. however for non space owners there should be a small upgrade with 1±>2±>3±>4+ or a similar one. for space it can start at 10 with nothing then 10±>15±>20±>25+ or something similar.

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One of the most important features that players coming from games like WoW are willing to have (like me :stuck_out_tongue: ).

Would be amazing to unlock slots in your bank with Gold or $TIME tokens and then, place bags that you find in dungeons in your bank in order to store items. Once we start collecting resources over the world, this will be a mandatory feature to implement imo. I still remember the very first day playing Big Time in April, mining ores and having my bags full because we didn’t know yet that ores were useless yet. In one hour or so, I wasn’t able to store anything else… :joy:

Regarding Gold or $TIME, that’s a complicated question. Paying with Gold would be a great thing because you would need to play many hours in order to unlock slots. Using $TIME it isn’t necessary a P2W because at the beginning, we all will need to farm the token by playing the game. There won’t be exchanges or any other place to get the token. So it would be a similar scenario that could change in 6 months, for example. But as @Blazo said, it’s still too early to talk about $TIME :slight_smile:

Btw, love the idea of exponential costs for unlocking the slots. This would make the game funnier and true challenge to unlock everything. Ohh! Also, we should get an achievement for unlocking all of the slots in our bank :wink:

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