Investment Management Feature set is required!

Lot of us investors have purchased hundreds of NFTs, it is impossible to manage our investment.

The 2 basic filters on the Market Place page was half baked Implementation. My Collection page was left out, which showed NO respect to investors. Now the views are rebranded as Openloot, it does NOT look good without proper investment management features.

This investment management feature set is such a small job, that can be implemented by entry level web developers with maximum 1 day of development, testing and deployment. If the dev team is short staffed there are many of us in the community who are fully capable and are happy to help out. Let me know and I will nominate some reputable front end developers.

See my suggestions in details below:

  1. Add summary view in My Collection to show total number of items owned, e.g. “You own x3”
  2. Add textbox search field in all views to search by NFT Name
  3. Implement the feature set throughout the following views:
  • Open Market Home Page
  • Open Market - My Collection - In-game Items
  • Open Market - My Collection - Items to Sell
  • Open Market - My Collection - Active Listing
  1. Show the number of same items owned on the bottom right corner of each item card in the same views listed above under point 3. e.g. “You own x3”
  2. Implement a Transaction History view on the website which shows all purchases and sales with and not limited to the following details:
  • Purchase Date with timezone
  • Transaction Type: purchase, sales, transfer etc
  • Order Number
  • Item Number
  • Item Name
  • purchase/sales price
  • charges
  • subtotal

In addition to the website views, we need to be able to relate the confirmation emails to the NFTs we have purchased/sold:
6. Add Item Number in the purchase email where it says " You bought Battle Staff of Sir Lucan for $2 on …“: e.g. " You bought Battle Staff of Sir Lucan #1234 for $2 on …”
7. Add Item Number in the sales email where it says " Your item Great Sword of Sir Galahad was successfully sold". e.g. " Your item Great Sword of Sir Galahad #2345 was successfully sold"

Similar requests have been brought up before, here is an example:

Please get this feature set implemented ASAP, thanks in advance!


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