Is Big Time Listening To Our Feedback?

I’m starting to see many repetitive topics, questions and suggestions both here on the forum and in the discord. Most of these forum posts seem to have no response from anyone on the Big Time team. So, how are we supposed to know if the team is listening to us?

It’s frustrating when we take the time to post about a topic, and it gets no engagement from the team. Its important for us to hear that you are listening to us, and taking our suggestions into consideration.

As a solution, it would be great if we can get a weekly post from Big Time recapping some of the top forum posts and suggestions. Also let us know which suggestions you’d like to hear more about, which you are already working on, and which ideas you will consider for a future patch. This will help us to provide you with more focused, and less repetitive feedback, while ensuring the community that we are being heard.


Think first we should ask whether or not they can. I don’t doubt it’s busy behind the scenes, and it could take a lot of time helping nah? plus , some like the discord moderators are just volunteers, and who knows what they got going on, which means they may not always respond to everyone, more so ones that have been asked many times. I don’t doubt it could be better, but I also don’t doubt some resources have to be strained to not respond as much as people think they should, and ion care if you call this meatriding

What I’m suggesting is a critical component of quality assurance and community management. The whole point of this forum is to solicit feedback from the community, so we should all be very concerned if they “don’t have resources” to ensure that our feedback is being heard. As mentioned, a weekly summary would be helpful for their developers as well. Its a win win for both sides.

Plus they just hired Buck to be a community manager. We don’t need him to comment and engage on every single post but it can’t take more than a few hours a week to just read these posts and roll it up into a nice summary…

Ion think he found that bad of a job on the discord at least, not so I believed there shouldn’t be any concern about little resources. Still, I don’t doubt that the feedback is being heard, especially since most of the stuff people ask and criticize about are the same things anyway. As for the forums, I’m not sure if some weekly post would be necessary, maybe could be mod reaction to show it was read

What’s with this new word “ion” and what does it mean? Surely it can’t be a typo if you’ve used it twice in two posts.

"Meaning by ion is “I do not”

What am I chopped liver?

I’m poking my head in once a day, at the moment. I’ll be more active once I get all of the community tools set up and everything set for the Ruby launch.

My/our current process for feedback:

  • Review feedback
  • Dig for context if necessary (this slows things down, so this is why I ask that you list the problem you’re trying to solve first)
  • Create tickets, or add context to existing tickets

Luckily, I have dev and design experience, which helps me process this kind of stuff pretty quickly.

Also, big shout out to @Blazo who has been helping keep an eye out for posts like this one.

Stay tuned for more!


Thanks Buck! Great to hear that you are keeping an eye on us!

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I’m one of you too. Joined in Jade :).

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Hi john and everyone, i am part of the bigtime team. I’ve been in charge of moving all your concerners, bugs, improvements, new features you have been requesting, to our jira project so we can track everything and put it in the pipe line if decided. So be sure that everyone is being listened. And the dev team is aware through that project of the community concerns.


Thanks so much for the kind words @Buck and it’s nice to meet you @IvanBigTime

I Love the update with the new tags for team members and the BigTime logo under your avatars. Thanks for that awesome reply Buck and thank you for introducing yourself Ivan! If you ever have any questions about any of my threads, please don’t hesitate to ask so I can expand or offer alternative suggestions to fit the direction the Big Time team has in mind.

My guess is that most of the feedback here is around future content, and the team is more focused on bug fixes and adding game features such as the mini map, questing system, party grouping system, server stability etc. before they get focused on adding and tweaking content.

Players always prioritize content because we are playing and we get tunnel vision wanting more to do and more challenge to give us a reason to upgrade equipment. Content can come later in the development process when the core features and stability/speed of servers has been finished.

I am getting ready to post ideas for adding some challenging encounters which will be increasingly important as we shift a little bit from hunting for NFTs to hunting for equipment to get stronger.

Good things take time, we don’t want things rushed and there is a process to follow. These replies go a long way, so thank you both for addressing this thread! Thanks again for all you do!



Great to know that! Thanks for the update and communication.


They do listen to feedback,i’ve been seeing stuff discussed here getting added to the game. Like the “there should be a wipe in ruby phase” or “nft armor should be different than normal armor”. I’m sure they were talked about in here before being a real thing. So they do listen.