Is Big Time really just a game?

I am a Chinese and I bought a jade card to play the game. After playing for a few days, I would like to share my thoughts on this game. This game has a very impressive picture sense, but the game experience is very general and not rich enough. If we can add some new games such as pet capture and pet challenge, that is to say, there are games in the game, and let other game developers come in to develop the game, it may be more dynamic. Gamefi is the gateway to the metasomes, I don’t believe big Time is just a game, the game is just the first way to attract people into the game, the IP value created later, the metasomes application scenarios are the most desirable. Come on big time!

Game is in prealpha stage, we have all our wishes but the real game will be launched somewhere in September / October and until then you need to have some patience :slight_smile:

You have seen about 5 % of the full game i think, alot of great stuff will come at full launch :slight_smile: at the moment, its the same stuff over and over again :slight_smile: which is pretty normal in EA games.

This game has sooo much potential, when they fix all the broken stuff, and add all the new great content they are working on :slight_smile:

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