Is BigTime a game? Or is it an NFT factory?

Is Big Time a game? Or is it an NFT factory?

I think big time is a game.
But we still have a long way to go

Many games have interesting elements.

For example, FPS games are competition among users.
If you kill a lot or complete a mission, you win the game and get rewarded.

It is not aimed at PVP.

You can compete in many ways.
For example, there is a way to reward teams who quickly clean up dungeons.
(However, average levels compete with each other.)

And close up on the winning team And show off one’s clothes (NFT)
(ex. overwatch)

I think it would be good for token economy if tokens were used in the official release.

Insufficient content in Big Time.
Cleaning up the dungeon for the NFT is now boring.
Give me a reason to level up.



We’re in V0.12 Pre-Alpha. This is a mechanic refinement, and load testing period, there is SO much more coming.

This is by no stretch of the imagination near the end.

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Is this official ???

The first pic is from the game, look in the bottom left corner.

The 2nd is just the general flow of software development for context on what that means.

The 2nd.

The advantages of early access are game information, game understanding, and NFT drops.

If alpha and beta testing remain, we lose our strength.

this is my opinion

No I don’t lose. Maybe just you.
Game development takes longtime.

If this game is released soon after early access, the game will be failed. Because it’s difficult to develop a lot in this short term.

So I’m happy with the postpone to release later this year. Then there should be Proper Beta term too.

Normally AAA games takes more time like 2-3 years from now.

So I think BigTime will postpone again to next year.

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If it is really postponed, it seems that space holders and early access users need benefits

It’s postponed, yes.
But people are making things sometimes can not finish on time. Will you ask benefits every time they postponed?

You’re only thinking about your balance.If you think this is investment. Roadmap might change constantly. The price of NFT are depends on the market.

Team didn’t say that the price will go up and remain. You decided and thought yourself you could get profit. No one click the buy except you.

Go UP and DOWN is normal.
Even if the game released NFT and token price might not up too.
You already got benefits to hold NFT to playing the game.

If you don’t understand it. You should not put any money into this kind of staff.