Is Bigtime NFTS a real NFT?

From the very beginning the proposition of Bigtime was that you could plan and get NFTS.
This however is a little unclear as we’ve yet to find out what is Bigtime’s definition of NFTS.

If it’s a “real” NFT, it should be on-chain, flexibility for us to withdraw into our own wallets or into other exchange, like how a real NFT should behave, the owner rightfully has full ownership. Right now, these “NFTS”, can only exist in the Bigtime marketplace. Would really love to get some clarity on the nature of Bigtime’s NFT, whats its current status and future plans or if it’s an NFT at all.


The NFTs are not on chain. This is a lazy minting feature they call propietary vault technology. Which is just fancy marketing terms for non-custodial account. Centralized banking rears it’s ugly face again!!1 curse your coinbase!!! not your keys not your nfts.

Anyways they promise that when they enable the feature you will be able to “mint” the nft and send out via blockchain like the passes.

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This is so sad. I really thought they were really NFTS. They should not have used the terms NFTS. They are overpaid fortnite skins. You don’t own them its stuck in this world (chain).

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Ibsee this pattern happening quite a lot with p2e projects where really?! It’s all just centralized + promising flying around and such but atvthe end of the day if you really wanna make it an NFT then you have to pay **** loads of fees.
Sad but this is a ternd that’s already happening

It’s better to keep them off chain until you want to move them out, and then they can allow a “mint” feature which will allow you to mint it and move it off the marketplace to your meta mask wallet or to open sea or whatever. It’s a good idea to do it this way for many reasons.

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Thats fantastic if they have future plans to give players the function to mint and move their nfts over to their destinations of choice. Just a tad worried if they only are exchangeable in the bigtime ecosystem.

Pretty sure with NFTs and token, its because they plan on being cross-chain. So they are in-game, but you will be able to extra assets to the chain/wallet of your choice. Same with tokens/currency/NFTs. So right now its all in game in alpha or pre-alpha or whatever this is. But the plan is to be cross-chain for extraction when you want to take them out of the game and sell them or whatever. They already support ETH, SOL, and BNC for marketplace deposits/withdrawls/EAL redemption, so I’d guess it will be a better version of that in final.

The feature to mint/move your NFTs to on chain is in their roadmap, no need to worry about that :slight_smile:

As this is just an Early Access, I’m pretty sure that they just wanted to focus on the game instead of start implementing blockchain stuff and make things more complicated. Just imagine if we could also be able to mint NFTs, all the possible errors and headaches that we could have and the developers had to fix beyond the connection issues and other errors in the game.

I can’t wait to see this new feature but in the meanwhile, I’m more than happy to keep collecting some “digital” NFTs and enjoy the game :grin:


@Buck Hey are there any updates the team can provide on this topic (re: withdrawing NFTs on-chain) I didn’t see this functionality in the recent roadmap graphic

We’re in Pre-Alpha peeps, those features are on the road map.

Your NFTs won’t be worth 1 penny if we don’t have an amazing game that people want to play and purchase cosmetics. So, you’ll probably agree with me that focusing on the gameplay is probably the right call by the Game Team?

I played a “crypto game” a while back where I found an on-chain sword I could buy for $3. I click buy, then the screen loads and tells me I have to pay $97 in gas fees (Obviously, I totally still bought it). So I’m perfectly happy storing and even selling my NFTs off-chain until the features are ready and it is fiscally advantageous to move them on-chain.

Don’t forget we’re Pre-Alpha. Not even in Beta! The game we have is crazy good for a Pre-Alpha.