Is FUN even a concern for BIGTIME?

After having been banned from a Guild for having an opinion about leadership taking a more active role in playing and understanding big time.

After losing the people I had played BIGTIME with and having invested thousands of dollars into this game and watching prices fall daily. (Because of getting banned as “toxic” for having a simple opinion)

I have experienced, what this game is like without friends. And to me, my perspective is, that this is a job based game with little fun attached to it. Redundant runs, redundant strategies, zero challenge and little to no gamers.

As a gamer, I beckon the question.

IS THIS GAME FUN? Do the creators care about the enjoyability of solo or team play without a guild?

What is popular opinion? I’m curious to find out. Am I the only one who thinks this game is just… boring?


Nope not the only one… we are continually trying to help nudge the devs in the “fun” direction

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In the meantime, while the investors are suggesting solutions, while the investors are getting frustrated, and even getting banned (which doesn’t go very well for an investment game as far as publicity goes) “Talk shit in this game and get banned”.

Where are the creators? Are they even paying attention? Seems like there is very very little interest in even the feedback forums from the investors.

Every update, every patch, every upgrade, pushes investors further away from coming back. Personally, I already see this investment as a loss. And there’s very little desire to even come back.


What is your solution? I see very very very little interest from you in the feedback section.

They are not easy changes and they take time, they will improve the gaming experience for both group players and solo players, but we will have to wait.
Market prices will go up at some point, but the change they made from sockets to doors needs to be polished and improved, until then we will continue with low prices.

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I posted such topic in last May.

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for me they can make the game fun either alone or with a party, and it is what the game should be to be able to play alone or in a party, a lot of content can be made, but right now it is in alpha and it is not known when the beta will officially come out Hopefully it will be soon and the game will succeed, that is up to the developers

As someone who invested alot, following the game since its early days and tried it numerous times already … you are TOTALLY right about this. It has alot of time to meet its AAA criteria, it has fundamental issues in design, gameplay, dungeons etc that need to be fixed and they really need to put in the work to make game fun for everyone, including SOLO players.

yes they are

If you DYOR and listen recent AMA.
Open beta won’t be soon. Rushing succeed wont be happen.

DYOR look at roadmap, Dont you SEE “SOLO” word?
Game Development wont be done faster than any other things. Normally MMO RPG takes about 4 - 5 years or more to develop.

If you truly want a AAA experience and you want the game to be all that it can be, you’re just going to have to be patient. Zoom out, look at the bigger picture and think in years, not months. I don’t know if you ever played No Man’s Sky, but there’s a lot to be learned from the development of that game, which massively underdelivered on launch and left players disappointed. As the devs kept plugging away and releasing DLC over the years, the game went from lacklustre to mediocre and eventually became really good. Now I’m not saying we should expect Big Time to be disappointing on public launch, but recognise that the development of this game is a journey that is going to take years - even after public launch, there will be constant updates and improvements and in 2 years the game will have massively improved upon what is delivered on public launch. We need to keep providing the devs with feedback, but at the same time have some faith in the team to deliver.

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Shun, this isnt MMORPG for starters and then we talking about an entirely other subject here. Stick to the point and learn what genre Bigtime is under please otherwise we cant have a constructive discussion

This is very generic take on the issues game currently has, where is heading and what you suggest as a gamer for it to get better. In fact all you say is … wait and things will get better in few years because other games did the same before … Well there are many examples who did the opposite of what you giving as an example !

The issue here is that people invested because of the promises of first AAA caliber crypto game
and SPACE/NFTs success is based soloely on games success. If game is not fun … there wont be many players in game and the less players you have … the less NFTs/tokens youll be selling so prices will tank and that will affect SPACE prices as well. You dont want that do you ? Because thats the big selling point of the game compared to traditional games isnt ?

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I think there is a lot of player burnout because people who’ve been playing from the beginning have had their accounts reset several times and had to start from scratch. The player base is aware that this is going to happen again, and this in conjunction with the fact that NFTs are now hard to come by, means that playing the game at the moment feels like a pointless grind that there is little to gain from. I think players will start returning to the game once the Space NFTs and on-chain tokens are unlocked and their functionality becomes clear, and we reach the point where players are assured that their accounts won’t be wiped again. Until this happens the game will be in a state of limbo.



Someone asked for a solution. I made a post providing “problems & Solutions”.

My personal issue and concern as an Investor in this game, is that if the investment I have made turns out to be a flop (as it currently is, I have lost 50% if not more of initial and progressive investments with BigTime)

If investments are what assist and fund the production of the game, and if people all together, decrease their investments and all together eventually stop, then what will bring this game to completion?

In my opinion, for this game to be a success, it needs the KEY COMPONENT of FUN today, not tomorrow, not in 5 years but today. I think I’ve read more than anything, “We are aware and keep in mind this is… we will get to that later…”

So… Great? Glad that this game will eventually be fun again? It was fun, when every mob was chasing you and it was a fight for your life game play, and then this “speed run” era dawned and boom, updates made this game less challenging (outside of having to re-grind again and again to get gears and armor) and it became monotonous overnight.

Outpost, outpost, outpost, den, den den den, speed run, repeat, speed run, repeat.


As an investor the biggest concern is this company losing all investments of the future and all current investments will be 100% lost, all the while the developers will have gotten rich. Reminds me of LUNA.

These are the types of conversations that need to be listened to. If the general belief is this game is a bust, then the developers need to take it seriously and less players need to argue on whether that’s important or not, or consider it a complaint.

YES IT"S A COMPLAINT, because if it’s not fun, then what’s the point? MMONFTRPG. There are much faster and better ways to make money that cost a lot less. I’d rather take the amount I invested in this game and have thrown it into ETH or BTC or SOL, ATOM, QNT etc… because I would have profited.


There are even more like me who dont even feel like pass level 10 in current state of game because is not fun at all and lacks alot of basics. At this point i dont care AT ALL to find any NFT or even Space. All i want is to see the game i heavily invested in and supposed coming from reputable veterans who worked before in massive games to make a great game. That is why im here and that is why i invested in the first place. Instead i have still an alpha with the very same core problems in 2 months. I dont care being in alpha and i know pretty well what alpha stands for … but to not be able to fix core problems is concerning and that reflects on open market pretty much.

That wont bring any players let alone traditional gamers, they wont stick around for too long and if they do they doing it to find and sell NFTs and not because its something they would love to play either way. Exactly the opposite of what the devs and team tries to achieve.

That is the only reason why you have seriously underpriced SPACE as we speak. It was the moment people saw the game and then they started selling right after sale 2. More news → more sell. Instead of more hype we get more fud !! And why is that ? Because game is in the state it is, that is why. People lose confidence in the game and those who dont its because they want to milk it nor to play it. If you dont beleive thatjust think to stop all kind of NFT drops in the current game and see how many will still be playing daily. I dont count milkers as people who will help game get there. They wouldnt mind to have the current state as the release version if they could find NFTs.

This isnt about accounts being wiped out, of course they will its alpha. I was there in early days of Path of exile when it had only 1 act. You cant imagine the problems, input lag etc yet i was returning again and again to try and play then the acts became 2 etc. Because it was fun. Didnt care to start over at all !!

Another issue im having is … why the hell to open up a game that is i in its prealpha stage ? We showed the world thru twitch and other media how mediocre/unfinished ( our pre-alpha version in short ) at best our game is for what reason ? Why you think majority, if not all, of AAA developers ( let alone everyone else ) having testers sign a DNA and minimize the pre-alpha/ alpha leaks to the public ? In too many cases the wont even show you beta at all. We did the exact opposite !!

Look for example how upset GTA6 devs were for their early test build leak . Look what kind of impact it had thru all kind of gamers. They didnt like it, there was FUD about how game is looking. And we did the same … but wasnt a leak or something but we did it ourselves thinking the impact of such decision will bring more players in ? Will make investors confident ? Will make people go buy more SPACE instead ? What was the purpose ?

Anyways, there are tons of points we can talk about but it is what it is. Now what we can do is give our sincere and constructive criticism to help make game what we are hoping for and we will see how things will go



From an investor and gameplay point of view.

As a game, all we can do is be honest and critical. And same as an investor.

I don’t understand the, “Hush, don’t say a word” attitude. Perhaps they have zero investment? Perhaps they are the folks who are waiting for the “4-5” years mark? God, if this game takes 4-5 years, this game will not be relevant.

Someone suggested, “No Mans Sky” as a comparison. That game isn’t an NFT/Crypto game and could technically afford to wait years to become relevant, to lose it’s following, to update and regain a new following.

This game, can’t afford to lose momentum in my opinion. It’s showcasing like Az pointed out, YouTube, streamers, twitch, etc… Which doesn’t bode well. “Look at how redundant this game is” “look at how much money you can’t make from BIGTIME”

The name is BIGTIME, doesn’t it need to keep the hype of that name and allow that name to define why this game is “so great”?

I’m interested in hearing how many others have the same points of view. I feel if more people get behind that this game needs FUN PUSHED FIRST, leave their comments, their critiques etc… The developers will take this concern more seriously.

Personally, I’m not a stand by and watch my investment go down the drain kind of guy while being silently hopeful.

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Just wanna add. BIG IMPROVEMENT recent patch. Rift Forest dungeons are really good. If they start improve the other dungeons to be as good as “Rift Forest” and also add real end Boss I think we will have an AAA. This patch was a dealbreaker for me…now im more confident that Bigtime can make this.

Where is the rift forest?