Is Rend spell working correctly?

Is this ability bugged? It use to hit every time, now it hits 20-30% of the time. My accuracy should be adequate, plus I’ve spoken to a few players who have noticed this (Bug/Issue?).

A little bit of rage hits me when fighting endgame mobs and my spell that would do 18k damage to a defensive layer just does not hit, with a 120sec cooldown.

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yea its still bugged for me too


I tried this skill with my Alt QF and didn’t work for me neither most of the times.

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this is a known bug, i hear a lot of complaints from the fixers in my team. definitely a high priority bug


I am starting to think this is not a bug and an indented nerf for Rend. I think if you try to Rend a monster above your level it has a % chance to be resisted. there should be a special noise for when it’s resisted if this was an intended change.

Also, this is why Big Time needs a news feed in the game client, to update us of these changes so we know things are intended changes and not bugs.


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