Is there a reason to keep playing if the NFT drops are extremely low?

Ever since space holders were able to access the game for free on Thursday 10/13 the NFT drop rates have been extremely low. Many players stated that it takes 8-10+ hours of grinding just to see 1 NFT trigger for a random player from a party. I can attest to this as well and it’s a far cry from my rate prior to all of this which was at least seeing 1 NFT or more per hour on average. Almost every player in the game I’ve come across and guild members have reported that the drop rates are extremely abysmal.

Now I don’t really believe that a bunch of low levels 1-15 were farming faster or equally as efficiently than the higher levels thus making the drop rate lower because that doesn’t make any logical sense at all. Which makes me to believe that the drop rate has been purposely lowered.

I don’t think this is necessarily a bad thing because previous AMAs stated that getting an NFT(even uncommon) should be extremely difficult and eventually grinding for tokens and crafting the NFTs will be a much more major focus. Besides it makes all the NFTs that we’ve farmed previously more valuable now due to scarcity and too much inflation is bad for the economy.

However this also creates some obvious issues. The game simply doesn’t have enough content or any reward incentives outside of NFTs prior to all of this to keep us engaged for long hours. Any group of high level 40+ players can just power level any newbie and show them every dungeon and content in the game with a few hours or a single day and that’s it. There’s no reason to play other than engaging in the minimal content that we have right now

So I really want is some sort of acknowledgment from BT team that yes, the NFT drop rate has been lowered and that they will give us some sort of hint, plan, or update to address this issue in a few days because if this continues barely anyone will continue playing this game. Whether its releasing NFTs or not there needs to be more incentive for us to continue playing because right now it’s looking lackluster and I really want this project to succeed.



No reason to play atm. I stopped playing even when it rained NFT’s. Here is why i dont play:

  • Time’s End looks like shit and it’s feels like chernobyl disaster zone

  • I textchat with a picture of Albert Einstein…

  • Running same dungeons gets boring very fast.
    There is nothing else to do but play the same dungeons.

I hope everyone stops streaming the game. Not very good marketing showing this unfinished and ugly looking Time’s End, lack of content and that all characters looks the same.


Agree in much you say but I think there’s been progress, minmap, less sw crashes, better sound music. However there’s very much to be done, one obvious first thing to do is to make charachter faces dont look like an an mid 90:s pc game and as you said overall graphic needs improvement.


There needs to be another reward system, if they are going to take away the main incentive which was previously NFTs there needs to be another reason to grind the same dungeons for hours upon hours on end. If it’s just playing for fun, it definitely won’t last because of the lackluster content and there are other games way more enjoyable than this. I know this is alpha but if they don’t address this no one will want to play this and even if they bring in new players. It will not last

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Agree with this!!! Game just feels like go in and out of the same 5 dungeons types(4 actually bc desert is the same as forest). There needs to be more content. They are probably working on that. If this game is for fun and not just nfts,there really needs to be more stuff.


You guy seems better to not play until Official release.

The game is still in early stage.

It’s kind of You are complaining to dough for pizza which haven’t put any topping on it. And you guys saying where is cheese or any salami or something.

When you start the game notification telling you the game is still cooking the basis of Dough part. And haven’t even baking yet. Now mixing powder right now😂

And finish cooking pizza might be later 2023.


I guess this is a transition we’ll have to go through and a sacrifice that the team is implementing because in the long run if this game is only about farming NFTs then we’re no different from working at a boring 9-5 and it won’t be about fun anymore. Plus the value will stay down. But don’t be surprised if the player base dwindles and barely anyone will be playing until the next update. I’ll just have to be patient but I wish they just have someone in their team who can inform us about this issue asap to prevent more player discontent.

My opinion here.

This is pre-alpha, much of the game systems still need to be implemented in the release. The game will be MUCH larger on release, you cannot release an MMORPG in any day and age with only the content we have access to now, I have heard we are playing in only a fraction of the area that will be available upon release. If they are not able to achieve something close to vanilla WOW upon release then we can all agree this is not a AAA release and will likely become a launch day failure and the economy will never be anything.

You have to understand that we (people playing with a Gold, Silver, Jade, Ruby, or Space Whitelist) are game testers. They are paying us to play game, in a sense, by allowing NFTs to drop. Currently, the NFTs are so low in value its very little reward. However, with a decreased drop rate we have already seen a small rise in NFT prices.

The issue is with the way Ruby passes were given out. Most were obtained by people only interested in trying to make some quick money by farming and dumping NFTs. Now with the low cost of NFTs and decreased drop rates, it will drive those players away and just leave those dedicated to testing and improving the game. However, there will be so few of us left with that mentality I think it is going to be extremely hard to make proper parties and test the game as it was intended to be played (I wish they would make a video about, how the game is intended to play).

So yes, I do agree that there should be some additional advantage for the people that will continue to play. I also wish the quality of the people they invite into Ruby was higher. Meaning, people who have MMORPG experience/knowledge, are more dedicated to the long-term success of the game and are less toxic in the discord.

If the final wipe is not going to be for some months, the reward is going to get worse before it gets better as yes the current content is going to get VERY boring to keep playing for hours on end.

However, that is what we signed up for, playing a pre-alpha game. I agree with Shun, complaining about the content we have access to now is not productive. We should be having discussions about how to make what have access to better and providing bug reports, as well as voicing our opinions about how the game could be better and help forge the future of the game! To me, that is very exciting considering how much I like what they have built so far!


One thing that could keep up motviation to play could be that if you reach end-level with a charachter during alpha you can be rewarded with top class armor for that charachter at public access. Maybe 3 sets one lvl 1-10, one 11-20 one 21-30 or something like that…

Dude, tell me one guy that is getting paid to test this game.
The most players here actually paid to test it, ROFL!
NFTs are not a way to get paid.
Moreover, it not guaranteed u will earn one, not about its price too and u have to sell it
to get money.

I agree with everything but I think we are all making mistakes, they cannot fall all the time nft, nft would end and it is logical, for me the first thing is the game that seems to me a great game, but there is no content and I hope hurry up putting things, we can’t play just for the nft I play because I like the game but now I’m bored and it’s normal, we have to give it time and I hope they put more content things, and the nft are really good they will cost to get out and that must continue like this, logically me and many people apart from the nft and repetitive are going to reset everything, that is another thing with which I am not going to waste more time playing, let’s see if they say something about when it is the output and what is going to lead to that output of the game, that we have content