Is this it? This is the AAA game?

This is it? This is the “AAA” game that will onboard web2 players to web3?
I can tell you that it wont happend! Stop giving fanboy feedback and start compare this game to other MMORPG out there. Or should we compare to Axie Infinity? Then yes, this game is better. Well done Big Time, mission accomplished!!

  1. All we have is dungeons. Open world is DEAD, there is nothing there. Adding some random monsters here and there is not going to change it. Feels like walking on Mars with fake trees,fake grass fake water… its ugly and boring. Compare with an old game like WoW or any other MMORPG and you know what i mean. Good luck when real AAA studios come to web3.

  2. Class builds. There is so little fun skills to choose from. Every player will have almost the same build for all the classes. There is no “play how you like”. Skills just suck and there is not many skills. Look at WoW’s Druid or Dragonknight in Elderscrolls Online. Unique and SUPER fun classes!

  3. No auction house? Hello? So i can only sell and buy from a vendor? Thats the plan?

  4. Game economy, we dont know so much about this yet but feels like a fail on this point too. Ingame tokens that you only can get from playing the game can be used for so much more than what is told. Give all players an uncommon time warden not only space owners but space holders can have better quality on wardens. Let us use it for everything. Is WoW pay to win? No it’s not, all you "b bu but it’s pay to win"ners . Google what p2w is

  5. All characters look the same? For some (most?) players creating a unique looking character is important.
    No information about character customization makes me worried

  6. Im waiting for more information about crafting gear , Crafting NFS’s , and what we can do with space so i csnt comment on this yet. The rumours/leaked info gives me a bad feeling on this too.

  7. Quest’s in dungeons, oh boy, run 200000miles to disarm a bomb with a timer forces you to skip all enemies.
    But you need to go back for them before you enter boss room because they are angry, super duper angry . Now it’s time to run 200000miles back to kill them.

  8. No PVP yet so cant comment on this. I just hope the devs understand how important part of the game this is for many players

  9. Bag system! Do i need to say anything else?

  10. More to come


Yeah I think everyone feels same when you compare with web2 MMORPG or other open world games. I know your feelings.

I always compare with web2 game and feel not so fun when I play BT.

However BigTime has started developing about 1 and half year ago with 20 people.

Development of Elderscrolls Online took 5 years.
WoW took about 4 years with 40 to 80 developers, now over 100 devs.

Compare with the dev companies which already huge team. BT team definitely well done developing in 1.5 years. Still needs time and more devs to make better game. Game development takes time, you know.

FF serious normally postpone the game some years.

Even Latest DOOM’s Early Access term was 5 years, they finally release the game this year.

Some people are forget, BT is still in alpha stage.
Also the purpose of EAL is finding bugs and check game balances to make better experience in the game.

People who put money into crypto, they always rush to get profit in short time which is totally bad thing. Unless it’s scam.

Need to make good game until official release.
Game economy hasn’t even started yet.

I think official release will be postponed to next year or mighty be more.

Give them time to make AAA game.

Anyway, suggestions are good :+1:


This is not even web3.
Nothing in this game is actually an NFT.

I see no reason for the devs to be this bad when not even a lick of cryptography is involved yet.

The problem is they are making an MMORPG.
We already have a shit tons of MMORPG that are actually fun to play.
They could have easily taken what works and whats not and put it in this game.

Bigtime as it is now feels like something thats trying so hard to be unique being built by people that doesn’t know how to so it.


Very easy to fix the game. Blueprint is laid out right here:

  1. Why is there a Pocketwatch AND stats requirement on gear? Im running around naked as a low level because i cant find gear.
    Every time i play after the latest “fix” i end up rage quitting the game

Yes that’s why they opened alpha game to users for longtime. Try to make something different and fun by changing balance, fixing bug, collect feedback from players.

The most important thing to create something great that is try and error repeatedly. So they do.

Rome was not built in a day.


I think you have not yet understood that we are in a pre-alpha.

Do you really think the game will stay like this?
Do you think they will leave the very basic descriptions of the skills?
That the world will be two maps?
That they are not going to improve dungeon quests or add new ones?

There are many things that need to change and improve, yes, and they are doing so.
Lately they have added languages, encrypted objects, fragments, object requirements (necessary, but excessive)… little by little they are improving, adding and subtracting to create a good game.

If they want to put in quests, they’ll have to add open world enemies, not just dungeons. But playing in dungeons helps them control the population and excess ping for a better gaming experience. I am convinced that in global access, we will see enemies all over the world.

Auction? maybe they didn’t think about it, or they prefer to work on other issues first, but I hope to be able to buy and sell my objects at auction.

You have missed a very important point, which are professions. I also think they are working on them, it would be a very bland game if we didn’t have professions.

There are many things that we miss and would like to see in Big Time, but let’s give it time before we comment so aggressively.

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Also, i beg you bigtime to look at the battle sequences, the actual in game battle sequences in the neww open world mmorpg called TOWER OF FANTASY. I didnt play ToF right away because of bigtime, but now with this latest hotfix i put down bigtime to play.

If you want to be competitive please dont just rely on crypto and nfts to be a selling point.

Please put in a story so we understand the purpose of the game and create characters we can connect with and fall in love with.

After this hotfix i am actually even considering going back to playing genshin impact because at least there is a story, and the characters in genshin are unique looking and have actual fun abilities… not to mention you took everything that was remotely fun about bigtime away.

Please dont let the bigtime community crumble. The thing is you the devs know this is beta, not to mention there is a disclaimer… but you may forget people here, in the community still dont look at themselves as beta testers.

There have been beta testers for tower of fantasy and genshin impact and ive talked and played with some of them. Those beta testers played without having to spend money, some were actually paid!!

So for all the ‘beta testers’ in here, we have spent hundreds if not thousands of dollars to play early access, but also we are having less and less fun doing so with each wipe or hotfix.

Please announce something, give us all something for our time effort and money that we have spent.

Or just let us have fun with our watches and gear while you make the game better… the game was better when we could grind and actually feel like our characters were getting stronger.

Also… to the customization point of the original article, tower of fantisy makes is easy to completely customize your main character to make him or HER totally unique.

The HER part is essential. I have met several lady gamers in bigtime who have quit because theres no female character that they can relate to and build…

  1. Dungeon crawlers are a thing of the future, everyone loves getting into a dungeon based system. It’s been like that for years. In terms of content, yes we don’t have very much but it’s pre alpha my dude. It’s gonna be a Skelton compared to what is actually released. Feels like were walking on mars etc. Yeah the visuals are nice and from my point of view it’s not ran on a high game engine so visually appealing it’s not going to be like grand theft auto or red dead redemption or Black desert online as an example.

2)I mean there’s tons of sub trees and gears and stats you can get you just have to be of rank to use them. That being said you won’t be able to login day 1 and be able to build your character the best of the best. It’s just not going to happen. We want you to progress through the system and make the game enjoyable for everyone around each other.

  1. An auction house will MORE than likely be implemented but do you really think that’s going to be in an alpha verison that’s bare bones to show of to the public what they’re trying to achieve. An auction house is the least of our worries right now and i say our worries because it’s in the players best interest that we hold off to that update til a later date.

  2. Black desert online is p2w, WoW in terms of service is p2w you pay a sub fee to play it. May not be paying for your gear to be better but a free player could never achieve what a paid player has. This being said look at black desert online. I played the game for a few years i know the in’s and outs of that game the enhancement system is a joke and the boxes within BDO are also known as scam boxes to mostly everyone who plays the game so that alone should speak numbers. Web3 is a thing of the future and Big Time has the potential; to take it to another level.

5)I mean this part i can agree with 100% i can give you that! Character customization is huge in video games now a days.

  1. Just stay patient, Big Time is doing everything in the peoples favor to be a well designed product for our playerbase

  2. I agree with this the dungeoneering system needs to be reworked. The quests anyways… The system itself is great could be shoorter however.

  3. PVP is big with me as well. One day my friend i hope anyways lol.

  4. The current system is alright could be managed a bit better however.

  1. Everyone loves? Speak for yourself not for everyone.
    And, dude, i know it’s alpha no need to point it out.

  2. “We want you to progress through the system and make the game enjoyable for everyone around each other” We? You are always defending the game on discord and now here. Are you getting paid to do so? Or you just a fanboy?
    You need to try Elderscrolls Online or for example Druid in WoW to understand what im trying to say.

  3. Auction House was leaked for the first(?) time yesterday by 22! Fantastic news!!

  4. I dont know what you are trying to say here. I played BDO for 1 hour and never started the game again.
    You need to read some old posts on the forum where they discussed what the ingame token could be used for. I agree 100% with what Blazo wrote there

  5. Hopefully they add it later on.