Item Marketplace?

It would be nice if we could sell our equipment or pocket watches in the marketplace (in-game). Also a trading system would also be appreciated so others can’t steal the items we dropped. I don’t think this is possible during EAL, but hope we can have this feature once the full game is out.


I’m sure this is being looked at. I have been thinking about the same thing that I would be nice. I wouldn’t expect to see it until full lunch just because with out loot drops right now everything doesn’t really have a set value unless its like in the epic-Legendary range.

The trading system for NFTs and items would be great and i’m waiting for that too but selling equipment and pocketwatches for real money would make the game pay to win and Big Time team tries to avoid that from happening. You can sell equipment for gold in vends,i think that should just stay the way it is.

Just remember, money from people buying tokens goes to the players. People need to understand this when shouting “pay to win”. If the token has more in-game uses, it has more demand and will be worth more and everyone playing the game earns more. In web2 games, the money goes to the developers, in Big Time the money goes to the players. This is a critical difference people need to understand. Let’s not shoot ourselves in the foot.

I am totally open for everything the Big Time team wants to do to give the token more value. More demand for the token, the more we all earn when playing. Let’s not forget that.



That actually does make sense.

I agree with you but there’s one thing I can’t understand about the tokens that it’s on-chain and BT says, it can be moved outside game. Which brings to the point, will token actually have real world value and if not, why it’s on-chain.