Item's level requirement changed from 40 to 45


Item’s level requirement changed from 40 to 45

Infront of Goodies bag(Seoul server)

2022. Oct. 13(Around 8am KST)

After seeing a bag with tier 5 in front of goodies bag, the player dropped his tier 4 bag and tried to grab tier 5 bag.
But after picking up the tier 5 bag, it disappeared from the inventory and the ground as well so picked up the original Tier 4 bag.
After “changing” the bag, the player noticed that his belt has been deactivated with the requiring level 45 which used to be 40.
The player is quite sure of that since he was able to use/wear this belt before the occasion.

Item at the right side was the item he used to wear.

Hey thanks for the addition info! I went ahead and got it all logged in! The description was super helpful!