Key bindings suggestion (the problem with dodge)

  • Double tapping to dodge is generally problematic! It ends up in a most difficult input just to dodge in a crucial moment. It makes u dodge slower, with more effort, thats just press the classic
    dodge button called ‘‘LEFT SHIFT’’.
    Trying to dodge feels indeed dificult, and i try not using at all, because its so harder than just pressing shift, so i prefer to run around like an idiot by pressing just shift.
    But not being able to dodge impact ur combat, ur fight and the result of the battle.
    And its so frustrating that can lead a player to uninstall the game and
    just go and play a normal action game with normal bindings, that
    has shift as dodge or as a customizable binding.
    This for someone pointless detail can have a huge impact to action mmorpg players
    that are used to fast action combat mecanics, that they have on their core the shift as dodge button, like black desert etc…


  1. First of all let us bind dodge wherever we want. Let us bind it on shift.
  2. If you want so bad double tapping to be an actual binding, you can add a button that sais, ‘‘double tap to dodge, or run’’, and we choose what we want to happen when we double tapping
  3. Bind dodge on ‘‘shift’’, and run as ‘‘hold shift’’.

You can choose whatever solution or combination of them you want.
Thank you for your time!


I actually really like the current dodge mechanic!


If you like pressing 2 times the same button to dodge and not just shift
its on ur personal like to do so. I am not here to make you change ur perception.
Obviously you are not experienced enought in action combat games.
Every action game has dodge on shift, or space (single input) and not double tapping.
The reason is that dodge has to be accurate and on time. Double tapping makes you
do the double effort and the double time to actually do the input. So, you have to guess when to
dodge and not react to dodge a spell, but just escape.
What i am saying is every person can choose where to bind it. Like me and others.
We want to dodge with shift, or space, or even with mouse button. Why cant we do that?
Why we are forced to dodge with the problematic double tapping?
Whats ur opinion on that matter? Should everyone be able to choose their key bindings, as
they like?

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Hey! I’ve gone ahead and passed the suggestion on to the team! I get the fact of wanting to make the game the most comfortable for you!

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Absolutely agree. Totally hate the double tap thing.

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Dodge should cancel your combo attacks, it demotivates when all you can do is sit there and wait while you get killed.

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Right now I see this more problematic. If you’re doing a combo or casting an ability, you can’t dodge at the same time. And many times they kill you because of the animation. The day they add pvp, this will become a big problem.

For me, dodging once is no problem, but when you want to dodge several times in a row, it becomes a pain to press a key twice to dodge.
But not enough to uninstall the game haha.


Hey! I learnt about the patch updates. I didnt see anything on the notes about keybinds, especially dodge. I thought oh, they might let us change dodge. I got into the game. Sadly i created the wannabe assassin. Except the fact that there was noone to party with, cuz there is no solo story etc, my backstab ability would never land, not even if i did smokebomb. But the most frustrating thing was that i still had to spam the fking direction key more like 5 times, cuz the game is laggy as hell. U do a hit, the animation happens and the dmg take place 1 sec later. I got out again cuz my keyboard is costy and i dont wanna break it to do a fking dodge that i could just by pressing shift. Really sad state of game… Thank you that u passed the suggestion to the team. It seems like they dont know shit about action combat games. That thing should be on day 0. This and that can be huge hints about the team behind the game and what we should we expect from the ‘‘development of the game’’ if there is gonna be one.
2 things that should be from the early access start. Solo play story mode, evasion on shift or bindable whereven. 3rd is. i dont personally care, but why u erase the progress every patch? its unfair to them. Seems like a demo and not early access. Anyways. Conclusions are made based on facts. Facts on this game lead to terrible conclusions… Sad af