Killing Fauna for Artifacts Kills Gameplay

Artifacts from Fauna
Rewarding artifacts from fauna kills the gameplay. We want every gaming mechanic driving players to dungeons to have fun.

Alt Ideas:

  • Drop artifacts from enemies in the dungeons, but keep it random 50/50 dungeon/boss room
  • Every level you progress you are rewarded an artifact
  • Kill 250 Face Huggers
  • Maybe, for each player there’s a hidden fauna kill count and when you have killed say 50-ish IN A DUNGEON and it triggers a boss fauna that gives XP and maybe an artifact - how cool would it be to have a 50ft worm popup in the middle of a dungeon.

I agree there is an opportunity to reward boss mob kills by giving them an increased chance to drop the artifact fragment over the fauna. Fauna can still drop it at a very low drop rate. Boss mobs and targets in boss rooms should have the increased artifact fragment drop rate to reward those kills.

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