Legendary Pocket Watch disappear

Today my friend wanned to give me a legendary quantum pocket watch, we got inside a building and when he dropped the pocket watch teleported to the cilling and we couldn’t get it back and it disappeared

same happened to me. I used couple of random items to try out and they disappeared. According to helpful information from many experienced players the safest way to give away in game items is to enter into a dungeon. Hope this hint is helpful

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People should have learned by now, never to drop anything out in the open world :slight_smile:
Always enter a dungeon before dropping anything.

And how would we know that you guys put useless and buged building around the map?

You are playing an early access game.

Yeah, and you said people should know that never to drop anything in the open world always enter a dungeon, but im new how am i supposed to know that if there is no fking tutorial