Legendary Space.. :(

Didn’t have the chance to get some legendary space even a small one on gold eal… Its just sad. Not complaining but the GAME is AMAZING!! But yeah having no legendary on gold eal is a bummer hahahaha

I saw no legendary space or nfts and was a bit disappointed that the Gold Pass holders were not a little better rewarded for being first and putting up the money to be there. I expected to be better taken care of with a few really good rewards. But the game is great. Just was not lavishly rewarded as I thought Gold Pass holders would be. I think most Gold holders feel the same.


I feel given the drop rate we had, and the future market this game will create, we will be very happy with what the passes granted us.

You gotta remember that we are the market right now, and it’s all supply, no demand. This will change, and it will charge hard.

You can’t really look at people racing to the bottom to sell as what the true economy will be valuing these NFTs at. They’re investments. Investments take time to mature. This wasn’t a ‘gamified mint’ intended for a quick flip.


I feel the same… sucks that we didnt had any legendary

Yeah even i didnt have legendary i really love the game and yeah got nfts! its coool and cant wait for more of them <3

Yeah, playing 5 hours straight over and over to only get some uncommon NFTs was demotivating.

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You could’ve gotten way more NFTs buying off the market place then spending it on Gold pass lol just sayin

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Stull you got unc on 5 hours… me almost 10hours of None. I just went to sleep ahhaahha

Probably right be thr experiece on gold pass is so much better hahaha :heart:

since this is the case mate, would it be smart to hold onto the nft’'s that we have recieved? I have an axe of sir beloris which costs around 5$ in the marketplace. do you think that once the game is fully released prices might go up? or might go down?

Thank you in advanced for your reply.

Have a good day!

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Yep holding on Nfts will be a wise choice. Because after the full release the nfts that we collected will be very hard to obtain and for sure prices will increase.


alright thanks for the advice! :smiley: good luck grinding bro!

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Yeah no problem! LFG

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