Level Requirements for High Level Items Only

Problem you’re trying to solve
I’m getting items in dungeons that I can’t wear. This was happening since the very first dungeon I ran and this is not fun. I want to be able to equip the items I get in the early game to make myself stronger.

How you currently feel about this in-game and how you think you should feel
I have to do higher level dungeons for more experience so I can level faster, but I can’t wear any items I get from those dungeons. This is causing me to skip the item progression and I feel like the most fun part of the game is now missing.

Any ideas you have on how things could be improved, fixed, or add more fun to the experience
Why don’t we just add level requirements to T4 or T5 or higher items? That way new players can have an enjoyable leveling process being able to equip the items they find. I don’t see a big problem with a new player using T1, T2 or T3 items if they have the stats to use them.

I am worried the item level requirements, death penalty and overall difficulty of the early game will cause new players to quit before they get time committed to the game. I played a new tier 0 pocket watch and it was brutal. No idea how a new player who has never played before could do it.

On top of removing level requirements for low level items, when you add them for the higher tier stuff, you could simply lock them by tier.

For Exmaple:
Level 1 = T1/T2/T3
Level 30 = T4
Level 40 = T5
Level 50 = T6

So this means when you hit Level 30 you can wear ALL items from T4, when you hit level 40 you can wear ALL items from T5.

This allows players to wear a range of items so they can still do dungeons slightly above their level and get items they can equip. This prevents the need to restrict players in such a tight dungeon level range, and lets them do the level range that fits the skill level of the group they are in.

Shindo — Today at 3:54 AM
Maybe we should be able to pick up and use items within 10 levels above our range.


amazing idea. I think this would make progression more fun.

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Totally agree, as with all your posts.

They could remove the requirement, or lower the level required by the item. For example, a level 25 item requires a level 20 pocketwatch (since we dungeon about 5 levels higher to gain more level).

Other ideas regarding levels and experience:

  • Pocketwatch: I think it’s good that they ask for a level to be able to use it, but remember that we are in a pre-alpha and that we recently had a reset, we don’t know when there may be another.
    I propose to temporarily lower (until global access) the required level so that players who cannot spend much time on it can enjoy at least a pocket tier3.
    Another option is that if they have to do another reset, we keep at least the rank of the account.

  • Bags: The same thing happens with objects, you need a very high level to equip a bag and the ideal would be to find one and be able to equip it.
    *Lower the level required (at level 3, you should be able to equip a basic 3-slot bag)
    *Remove stat requirement: It doesn’t make sense that a chronomancer needs strength to equip a bag, the account level requirement is enough.
    *More types of bags: I have not seen bags with 5-6 slots, we directly went from 4 to 8. If there were bags of intermediate size, they could be assigned to low levels and thus be able to equip them before.

  • Rank: we do not have a bar to know the progression of our rank (in order not to repeat the level bar that we have for the pocketwatch experience, I would add a circle to the rank that is completed and thus be able to have an idea of ​​the level progression of our account.

  • Rest bar: I came up with an idea to help and support those players who don’t have as much time and encourage them to play.
    I imagine you already know what it consists of, an experience bonus that would be activated when you disconnect and would accumulate until you get a maximum, so that when that player who does not have much time connects, he can enjoy a small push in his progress.


After the new hotfix I decided to take a break from the gameplay after non-stop daily playing since silver EAL. Today I took so much courage, updated the game with this hotfix, and logged in. When I pressed TAB, 99% of items on my screen were locked out. I could do nothing but go get a tier 0 pocketwatch from the trainer bot. Couple of nights before the patch I prepared some low level items and stored them in the bags of other timewatches that I had, hoping to make life easier after the patch. Now I couldn’t even pull out those items. I don’t really mind another account wipe where inventory is empty again. However looking at all the high level gears I acquired from days and night’s of grinding locked up in my inventory, and all my active pocketwatches locked up. It makes me feel no fun left, in fact i feel kinda angry. I knew this hotfix was experiment for a different balancing strategy, but didn’t realize it went to such extreme.

You know what? I immediately closed the game without hesitation. After a week break from the game, I just realized that I can actually live without BigTIme game. If this is going to happen continuously and similar extreme measure is going to happen again I will less likely to play again for the rest of the EAL.

I support Blazo’s ideas, especially Making the levels requirements only apply on T4 and above. In addition I’d also suggest to roll out an update ASAP allowing players to retrieve items stored in other high level PWs that they previously played. These from technical point of view is legacy data, which needs be made accessible by players.


Shouldn’t remove levels but could be adjusted. This could cause problems requiring power-leveling.
If it seems off right now it’s understandable this would be more-so a loot table problem or need’s tweaking.

I agree. Getting items in dungeons that can’t be worn yet and have to be held in our very limited inventory space is not fun.

How about opening up the entire Tier of gear levels once the PW reaches the minimum level for that Tier?

PW Level 1 can wear Tier 1 gear (Level 1 - 10) provided they meet stat requirements.
Once the PW reaches T2 level, the character can wear T2 gear (Level 11 - 20), etc.
If this is too great of a range, then perhaps do this at every 5 levels.

Suggest still keep stat requirements on gear so it stays mostly aligned with the appropriate class it was designed to be used by.

This would allow players to be able to use at least some of the drops they get right away, feeling more powerful and making dungeon runs more fun. This might actually encourage folks to stop and be interested in looking at the gear drops too, instead of just running off immediately in search of more exp.

Could limit this based on Player’s Rank to give players a boost when going back to level up new PWs.


I think this is the ideal solution. That way players can do a range of level dungeons and not be forced into doing only dungeons exactly their level to find stuff they can wear. It let’s people do higher level dungeons and get higher level items (this is fun!), but within reason because they can still only wear the items from the tier they have unlocked by level.