Leveling and skillpoints

  • Date and time when issue occured: 2022.07.08 21:00-22:00

While trying to figure out the exact experience gain curve, I was switching back and forth between pocketwatches. On my alt, I gained a lot of experience (I guess a bit too much actually) and got from level 13 to level 15 on lvl 30-40 maps. Even tho i got 2 levels, I still have 13 skill points total and 26 stat points.
I tried the following:
-Switch server
-Reset skill tree
-Restart game
Nothing helped, looks like the character lost 4 stat points and 2 skill points for good.

Fresh picture after reset (with some item on the character)

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Same here and apparently, if you put skill points on gear skills then remove or change the gear, these points will be stuck with that gear i.e assume you have 15 skills in total, if you put 3 skills on a gear skill then removed this gear for any reason, then rested your skills, you’ll have 12 skill points in total since the three skills are still stuck with that gear. Not sure if anyone noticed that or not but its not a fun bug if you lost that gear and forever you’ll be 3 points less.