Leveling Up New Pocket Watches from Scratch

In early access, I was given a Tier 5 Rare Pocket Watch from my guild when I joined in Silver Access. I have put a ton of time in and have made it to level 37.

I was just thinking, in the full release, I would have to level up multiple early tier pocket watches before I even got the tier 5 one to “start my real character”.

And then I was thinking, let’s say I got the Tier 5 Rare Pocket Watch to Level 37 in full release. Then I got a Tier 6 Pocket Watch… would I really want to start from scratch to level up a new pocket watch?

What happens if they keep adding Tiers, like T7, T8 Pocket Watches, which may force me to start the game all over again from Level 1 and erase weeks or months of my hard work.

I don’t love the idea of starting from scratch on each new Pocket Watch. Actually, I cringe at the idea of having to start over from Level 1 over and over again. That doesn’t sound fun, at all.

I totally get starting from scratch from Pocket Watchers of a different class, that makes sense, and it feels like that was the intention. I honestly can’t believe the intention was to start from scratch for pocket watches of the same class, it doesn’t make much sense to me, it doesn’t sound fun at all and is a big turn off thinking about doing that in full release.

Maybe there could be a vendor in the game that allows you to transfer your progress from pocket watches of the same class? This could cost, gold, tokens, etc. anything it cost it would be worth it and could be a massive gold/token sink if added properly where it costs more per level you want to transfer to the new pocket watch (as long as it’s the same class of course).

Is anyone else looking forward to building the same class up over and over for eternity as you get a new tier pocket watch? Imagine also, that no one gives you a pocket watch when you start so you level up the Tier 0, then the Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3 etc. Endless starting over from scratch unless you hold off on the same early Tier Pocket Watch until you get a Tier 5 or higher (which is what most would do making the T2, T3, T4 Pocket Watches pretty useless).

Would love some feedback on this system, and some clarity on if this was the “intended” gameplay or just how it works in Early Access and something that the Big Time Team plans on addressing.



It’s a unique implementation for sure. I don’t think it’s inherently bad however. A skilled player can still do well with a starter watch, albeit with reduced stats. Since the starter watches level faster, players can get into higher level content faster, fetching high tier watches before too much time is invested, and switching over to leveling their new high tier watch.

I would assume with each new timeshare added over the expansions we’d be seeing new level ranges, but that’s speculation. Honestly, I’d be welcoming to getting higher tier watches(T7+), it’s a reason to refresh and try something new. (High levels get old after a while, trust me.)

I view this more as a New Game+ mechanic within Big Time. It motivates you keep playing by giving you buffed characters to play relative to the starter baseline offerings.

In a personal example. I hit 48 on my QF. Once we rolled fresh watches to get back into ‘challenging content’, I rerolled a QF again. Willingly. I slapped all my top end gears and armor onto it and spun up an OP healer from the get go. The system worked for me in that regard. Now I can play all content ranges with everyone.

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Seems fair enough, although I still think a transfer system using tokens (doesn’t have to be cheap it can be expensive) would be awesome for people who don’t have the time to keep starting over from scratch as content is added over the years.


I like the point of view and concept of paying tokens to transfer levels over to a higher tiered watch! I’ve probably sunk 200hrs into my T6 43 warrior alone lol could be a nice thing to have available :ok_hand:

To minimize releveling I would only upgrade to a tier 3 and then t6 so I wasn’t doing too much “extra” work

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Totally agree with all you say and I think that the general public also agree. Another solution could be that you start your new pocket watch -10 level. Say you have a tier 3 pocket watch with Time Warrior level 30, you then loot a tier 5 epic pocket watch with your time warrior, instead of staring from scratch you start it from -10 from current level, in this example you start from level 20 with your new pocket watch.


my idea was similar, with each tier having a starting level, say tier 1 is 0, but tier 2 is 10 3 is 21, and so on, so that you can still use your loadout at least. especially without a bank system in place, losing access to the weapons and armor youve grinded for, and skills associated with that stuff seems like a punishment for finding better pocket watches.

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I agree. The current pocket watch leveling system is disrespectful towards the players time. If devs really want to keep the pocket watch system going at least there should be a mechanism to boost or transfer XP to new pocket watches based on player rank. Since they dished the original idea of being able to switch timelines during combat, pocket watches now work just like characters do in any other rpgs, at this point there is nothing special about the whole pocket watch thing anyway.