Loot Leveling to Pocket Watches

The level difference between loot and pw levels is too high
Today I’m leveling in low teens and getting loot that is level 22 and higher. That loot is worthless. I think it would be great for the gameplay to range the rarity loot to the player’s level. If the loot level is 3+ higher than the PW, especially in the teen levels and higher, the loot is just a money grab and loses it’s value.

To keep us in game chasing the carrot, drop a few epic or legendary items that are less than 3 levels away, not 10+ levels higher. I would recommend scaling it with the leveling, since moving 3 levels for a level 50 player could take a month for casual gamers.

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Please use the format provided when leaving feedback Thundarr. I agree, loot in the dungeons for your level range should all be able to be equipped. I think this is something that was not thought out fully, or something they intended to fix with a future update because it is very obviously not correct.

Also agreed that uncommon, rare, epic, legendary, mythic etc. should drop in low level dungeons because we out-level the equipment pretty fast, no reason to withhold those higher rarity drops from low level dungeons. Early levels are the times we need that higher rarity stuff the most to make it easier! Game should be easy to start and get more challenging as you level up. Currently it is the opposite.

Player testers on a test server are needed to help guide the Devs to the right changes, until then they will be playing whack a mole and going backwards most of the time.

how can we play the test server so we can help the devs? I wanna go try to play on test server