Loot light pillar is confusing

I would like the light pillar during LOOT to be consistent with the color of the rarity.

Also, I would like to see gear and clocks glow the same way as regular items.
It’s confusing to see them glow in various colors.


I agree, I don’t think we should have a huge beam of light for all Gears. This seems strange to me, they aren’t THAT important/valuable to make stick out that much.

Gears could have a small glow (on the ground) for the class they are for, but they should not beam up into the sky.

I think only Rare, Epic, Legendary and Exalted items should have the huge glow ray beaming out of them into the sky matching the color of the rarity so you don’t miss them.



Yeah, same with pocketwatches. There is too much focus on unimportant stuff at present. 10% signal 90% noise.

I’ve also encountered many new Silver players falsely collecting mass amounts of them thinking they’re rare, special, or valuable, when they’re just hurting themselves by hoarding them. That’s a poor UX.