LOST 10 skill points when resetting skills, SP’s are gone

I reset my skills to change out a pocket watch gear(weapon mastery) to find the 10 points I had in “two-handed hammer damage increase” were gone.

Frankfurt high pop server, can’t remember what sun server.

Within ten minutes of the update going live yesterday.


Whenever I reset now I start with 34 skill points.

To be clear, I reset my skills before I changed to the new watch gear I wanted to use and still lost 10 skill points.

I tried switching between the two gears and resetting with no change.

I tried swapping to a different pocket watch then going back and resetting with no change.

I tried restarting the game and resetting my skills with no change.

I logged on this morning to a low pop server and tried resetting with no change.

I tried running a couple dungeons to see if the bug would fix itself, with no change.

I haven’t removed any other of my pocketwatch gears and have the gear I had before the patch, no skill points are shown in 2H hammer skill when I wear it.

I tried resetting my skills and stat points with no change.

Would love some other ideas or possible fixes others have found, this bug isn’t like or the typical gear glitch where the SP’s are stuck on the old gear so it’s really frustrating.

Thanks :slight_smile:


Im Level 39 and has only 29 skill points after this patch. Hope the Team can sort it out soon.


Lost 9 skills on 1 PW
and lost 12 on the other.

Wanna point out that I didn’t do the thing you guys did with the “double dipping” and whatnot… I logged in after the patch was implemented and this is what I faced.

The stats gear per say wasn’t from a gear but from the PW itself- it’s not a gear related thing.

So… I feel like everyone who had the stats bonus on their watch, just lost those skills

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My warrior is in the same boat lvl 35 and only 32 skill points lost 3 to the str boost is my assumption

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I went and got this all in! Thanks for all the additional info guys!


Thanks for a response… i think this is one of the first times i have seen someone from the team respond to message. Good luck on fixing … we really need this one ironed out


Lost 11 skill points on the warrior tank subtree, hopefully you guys can fix that soon


Lost 13 skill points … lvl 23 pw and only 10 skill points, fix it soon pls !

the problem is if you equip or not a new skill and if you loss that fck item, that run with your points, so if you restar the point F
:confused: i loss my pj for that shit and nothing speek of the solution is so tilt :frowning:

I feel all your pain, nothing worse than loosing over 10 levels worth of skill points, can’t fully test out high level builds now because of this :disguised_face: