Low level loot is bad

Problem you’re trying to solve
Low level loot is bad and makes low level progression a lot less fun.

How you currently feel about this in-game and how you think you should feel
Basically, start a 6 player team on t0 PW at level 1 and do level 1-10 dungeons until level 10. Very little loot above common drops, so you are not only on really bad PWs but you aren’t really even getting any gear to make you stonger, so it really starts getting painful as you close in on level 10. Contrast with higher level 6 player teams dropping tons of higher rarity stuff to pick through.

Any ideas you have on how things could be improved, fixed, or add more fun to the experience
Since low level stuff is basically throw away anyway why are rarity drops so restricted? I want to see legendary level 2 chestpieces with +2 str +2 vit etc. It would provide a much needed boost to t0 progression and just generally make low level play more fun. At the end of the day, there is a big ‘looter’ element to the game and it’s nearly non-existent at low levels.


Agree. There should be a lot more 1-10 level legendaries around. In about 12 hours of grinding low level dungeons I came across 2 legendary items in the 10-15 level range! compare that to high level dungeons where 3-4 legendaries drop easily during one raid.

Low level loot should drop more, and at the higher end dungeons, it shouldn’t drop so much! I did a 30-40 dungeon and my eyes were hurting from all the color and flashing things on the ground. It was like a non stop disco party, just waaaaay too much loot every where. Rarity was good, there wasn’t flood of legendary and above stuff, just too much loot in general on the ground at the higher levels.

No one should ever see this much loot… it devalues it and it’s not fun when we see this much loot:

Summary: More higher rarity loot at lower levels, MUCH less loot at higher levels.


IMO the whole loot system is just wrong on many levels. Ranged characters have a disadvantage in picking up the good stuff because they can only pick up the leftovers from close combat characters, players pause mid game to manage their inventories making team work a rare thing, 99% of the loot is worthless, and players can keep their loot even without finishing the dungeon, making hit and quit loot raids on higher level dungeons an actual thing.
And it all could be solved if the game dropped loot at the boss room once it has been finished for each player according to their performance.

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