Problem you’re trying to solve
Spawning in a water town on any server can be overwhelming… its can be fun and exciting, but it can also feel intimidating, especially as a low level player with little to no nfts or good items.

How you currently feel about this in-game and how you think you should feel
First of all great job so far! My discord community is growing and getting more and more active. Ive been in beta since silver and the discord server i made for bigtime has been organically growing with really nice people.

That being said, i have noticed some shy people in the discord who refrain from logging in to find parties because they are low levels with not the best items yet.

A game like this can be really intimidating, exciting but intimidating… and there are socially awkward people (like me) even in games.

So one idea that came to mind was having the ability for a clan or guild to be able to spawn inside your clan or guilds space!

Think about it… perhaps a nervous player who finds comfort and acceptance in a clan can choose to spawn inside their guild or clans space to see if any of their guild members are there to partner or party with!

Any ideas you have on how things could be improved, fixed, or add more fun to the experience
Think for example, guild A, which has 30 members and space.

Any of these members can choose to start the game within their guilds space and wait for people within their guild to show up to party with.

Space can be used as the initial meeting place for clans and guilds to group up, then portal together to a region on the map to start dungeon hunting.

This would promote community building and also promote a safe and toxic free environment for players as well.

Just as a last side note, maybe allow space holders to have unlimites ports to different regions of the world map so players can group in a guild space and then teleport to the destination of the map they want to adventure in.


Also thanks for reading and considering all our ideas. Im sure you will take our suggestions and make them better!

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Thanks for the feedback. We’re a little ways out from SPACE and have other things coming that will good gathering points for players. Let’s put a pin in this until we see where that’s going?


I wouldn’t mind my guild area being like the Diablo 2’s “Arcane Sanctuary” with special linked portals where you can cross-gaps of empty space and be translocated between locations faster.