Making millions without tokenomics

Greetings all !

Just wanted to write down some thoughts - its not fud whatsoever im invested pretty big into the game - played goldpass aswell - so the upcoming lines can be easly pointed to myself aswell.

But i thinks is hilarious that a company is receiving and getting so much money , without even a leak for the tokenomics.

The revenue-model is until today unclear. The only thing we know, is that you can buy/sell nft’s.
Certain ingame items can create more nfts which can be sold, certain items can probably give u like a consumable item, where you can temporarily earn the big-time token.

But the MAIN revenue model, which definitly wont be NFT’s for the avg. casual whos joining the game - is the Big Time token. We currently have the same knowledge about the main revenue-model like john snow.

Why would anyone sell his hourglass to other players, if he could easly use it himself to get more revenue, isntead of selling it to others. Its important to make the hourglass-selling more profitable than using it by myself, because only the ppl which aint got no time, would prbly decide to sell it.

I think the tokenomics are so major-important - and i think its time to leak at least some thoughts about the tokenomics. Acctually, leak anything about the progress at least weekly - sometimes i got a feeling like 3-4 dropouts from big companys diced something together with like 3-4 work hours per week

I think the possibilities to make a next level huge sustainable model is big - cause u can easly increase or decrease the droprate of the bigtime token and make a BIG impact on the charts.

Just some random thoughts!! No hate or fud invovled just my mind currently. Loving the game, loving the community - just a wish for more transparency - peace =)


Soon they will announce guild and space utility I guess then there will be also more specifics about the ingame token

I think theres too much money involved in this game for them to want to release any news on this front, so that some ppl can maybe take advantage of it :slight_smile: especially people with deep pockets.

Im very curious myself what the future brings in this game. But i think they are doing the right thing, about being secret on this part.

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