Marketplace Suggestions

With the current marketplace system in Open Loot it can be difficult to see the prices NFT’s are selling at as well as supply and demand trends.

To resolve this issue, I think it would be very beneficial for the marketplace to include data on past sales. For example, this could be done through adding a chart showing average price and quantity sold on a given day and a table showing the past 20 or so sales.

I would also love to see buy orders added to the marketplace, as they would make buying items a lot easier by showing sellers what price point they could list an item at to get an instant sale. Similarly, sell orders could be implemented but I don’t see that as being as important as buy orders.

I’m terms of organization it would be useful to have a search bar and ‘favorite’ option (to track a specific NFT’s prices).


Hi Nigel! Thank you for your feedback. I’ll pass it on to the team :slight_smile:

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