Matchmaking issues/teaming up takes too long

Big Time needs faster matchmaking, i always create teams and often i struggle to get into a game quickly, i’ll explain my issues below.

We should be able to get to different areas immediately! getting to a portal has to be quicker. Not only i take time to create teams of 6, but i have to be the one moving to portals and tp everyone else because people wait for me to carry them around like dogs, literally. It should take 30 sec to create a team and 30 sec to get to a portal/area/dungeon, i need to go from town to icy in one click!


  1. Add people as friends with online and offline status, people help each other better if they have played together in the past

  2. Add ability to invite everyone even in parts of the map very far(i don’t think i can invite people that are far 500 meters or more, but i could be wrong, someone can clarify if i already can)

  3. Add ability to invite everyone in totally different servers

  4. Add teleport so we can move to areas without having to wait minutes to move to portals, it could be checkpoints that already exist btw, placed around the map or something similar(HUUUUUGE)

  5. Penalty for players leaving early in portals, 5-15 minutes incrementally increasing during the day, so they better learn to not quit(THIS ONE IS IMPORTANT TOO)

  6. Manage teams from inside the portal. I press P from inside a dungeon, i can’t kick players and i have 0 control over the team.
    I NEED TO BE ABLE TO KICK SMURFS(people that i invite at level 30, then we get into a dungeon and they switch to lvl 10), SKIPPERS(people that want to just get boss room for whatever stupid reason and they go alone without even telling anyone, in fact they die 50% of the times) AND AFK PLAYERS. Team leaders should have the power to decide who is in the team, and punish players for unlawful behaviour or players unfairly getting nfts while standing still/leeching and so on…(HUUUUUGE)

Thanks to the BIGTIME team for reading, any feedback is appreciated

I already made this post, but it got hidden by the bot, so i hope now it should post straight away, delete the other one


Well the friends system,they leaked it. So thats coming

Solid points, let’s hope for the best from the Big Time team!

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Remember that we are in a pre-alpha. It’s much more important to add fun to the game than a friends list or a dungeon finder.
Everything will come in due time, perhaps the option to invite players regardless of the area where they are and party management within the dungeon may arrive earlier, the rest will have to wait.

About the portals I don’t think it’s necessary for now, we have a very small map and it doesn’t take long to find a dungeon.

On the other hand, I agree that the players are very comfortable and even have no patience, some have to wait two minutes and then they get tired and leave the group.
I’m afraid of group management inside the dungeon because it’s possible that the leaders are too harsh and kick players unfairly. Perhaps a group vote works better, we should think about it.