Minimap improvement

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Minimap is just useless and annoying right now, every single time I want to use it I want to zoom it out. Minimap would be usefull and not annoying if you could zoom it out

Any ideas you have on how things could be improved, fixed, or add more fun to the experience
Add a button for zoom in and out

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Hi Cryptogaming, I had the same thought, so I searched the control settings and discovered that this feature already exists. From the title screen, select SETTINGS. Then select CONTROLS. Scroll down, and it’s about 5 up from the bottom. You can set the buttons from there. Hope this is helpful :smiley:


There’s already a feature like that, please check the controls first before saying that

I Checked before writing didnt find it (also asked in several parties if anyone knew about zoom function noone did), but now I see it yes, good. Maybe a good tutorial at PA would teach players to use important settings.