Mobs Still Spawning in Ceilings

Targeted mobs spawned in the ceiling of the boss room in the ice insectoid style adventures. It was unfortunate because it was in the boss room and the new changes to the staff distance made it so that we could not complete the boss room and had to leave without getting a chest.

Sorry I didn’t keep track of the rest of the info.


We have seen that bug many times too. Mobs spawn in Ceilings, walls, under the map, on top of the map too.

here’s an example


Other example with a Shielded runner that popped on top of a tree

Dungeon : Cyber Pirate Outpost Prime - Frankfurt Server


they will fix it…give them 2 or 3 more updates

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Hey thanks for the heads up, I can go add this additional info! :slight_smile: Things take time sometimes, but I assure you the team is always doing everything we can to make the best experience possible! Even sometimes needing some more time to work on certain fixes!

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