More dungeons please

this doesn’t have to be an easter egg hunt…more dungeons please

hello yes it’s true it lacks dungeons more than level 51 or put them in a specific place example at the top of icy with guardians in front of level 45 50 for high levels and stop running for hours for nothing in search of high level
and it would take more dungeon in no man land very little dungeon but very good xp for level 30

Hey @chiefy I understand your frustrations keep in mind the game is still in alpha and the dungeon generations in the open world have had many updates already and will continue to be worked on for a better experience for all players. With that said what do you think could be done to help improve the experience of a player to know where the portals are for example maybe the mini map opens up to something like this
an over view of the entire map with zone’s designated level range’s ?

Ruby pass was a nice update, digging the new void and corrupted dungeons!