More Forum Feedback From Big Time

I just want to start off by saying, I totally understand the players constantly sending ideas and suggestions is a distraction to the Big Time team, being a game developer for 20+ years, I totally get that. You guys have a plan, and priorities, like the server stuff that is mission critical (nothing works or scales without server code being optimized).

With that said, you have directed all game feedback to the forums, and after a week of posting my heart out, I have not heard one comment back from the Big Time team acknowledging that my feedback has been seen. I know you are reading it and listening… I think people just need some form of “assurance” that this is the case.

I really liked the suggestion bot you had in the Big Time Discord because we got instant feedback from the players as to who liked or disliked the idea. My suggestions had almost always got 30+ likes and turned gold, and this was a good way to separate the wheat from the chaff.

I will continue to post, I just hope you guys can see that sending all feedback to a forum that feels cold and non responsive does not drive confidence in the player base who are trying to give constructive feedback to help guide the game to be the best it can be. There is very little action from the community in these forums, 10 views, no comments on most posts. I feel like I am talking with myself in the forums most times.

Thank you so much for your continued effort, I love the game and want the best for it. I also respect your need your space from the players as we can get overwhelming to say the least. Thanks again.



As we all can see… This method used as a funnel, came from the marketing realm to get certain things.
Tbh nooo I don’t think like they’re reading it and sorry to say that based on my experience but I don’t think they care (they made their money you know), imo the way it worked in discord was pretty good but we’re talking toi much there and maybe there was too many notifications so that’s the new move- this forum thingy(easier to ignore mate).
Lack of clarity and not being transparent is here with us since day1 of this project so I guess this is how it goes

Looks like Big Time team was in a transition period after opening the Forums and we should get more interaction on the forums soon. Thanks for staying patient and continuing to post your feedback everyone, it is seen and appreciated!


Devs actually do read the forum but probably their day is too chaotic and I am not sure that they still managed to find Community Manager who will be something as a frontline between EAL players and Dev team, and I 100% agree there should be some feedback from them on a lot of topics we opened discussion about

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